CSTO countries holding Combat Brotherhood-2017 military drills


CSTO countries holding Combat Brotherhood-2017 military drills

The CSTO states are holding large-scale military drills “Combat Brotherhood-2017”. Belarusian military men left for the place of the maneuvers on October 5.

From this day on special military operations will be conducted at the ranges in Armenia. The participants of the exercises are to master the issues of organizing cooperation and preparing the regions at the initial stage.

Oleg Pechersky, first deputy executive officer of Special Operations Command:
The aim of the drills is to perfect the skills of the military personnel in the preparation and usage of collective forces of prompt response, to perfect filed training of the military personnel for their joint actions with other troops. And to also estimate the efficiency of the system of the collective rapid response forces.

Protection of the state border, isolation and elimination of a maneuver enemy, and taking under control important facilities in the responsibility zone are the tasks of the final stage of the drills.

Such military drills are held annually in one of the CSTO countries.