Belarus President on quality of local roads

Belarus President on quality of local roads

The quality of local roads must be raised to the level of republican ones. This task was set by Alexander Lukashenko on October 6 during a working trip to the Slutsk district.

Today, 20,000 kilometers of the regional roadway needs restoration and reconstruction. 7,000 will be repaired in 2018.

New technologies will be used, which means that road workers need more modern machines. In this regard, the President instructed Belarusian industrial enterprises to expand the line of road construction equipment.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Our international and republican roads are in more or less normal condition. We have put them in a normal condition, have spent much money, certainly, including on the second ring. And so on and so forth.

However, we realized that we now overlooked roads of local importance. These are the roads that connect district centers with the entire region, district roads with agro-towns and so on. These roads are at the very bottom, so to speak, people also live here and need them. And we need to help. We decided that, by the end of these five years, we must create a program for the revival and modernization of these roads, for putting local roads in order.

The President said about the need to improve local roads so that they match the roads of the national level back in April 2017. Back then Alexander Lukashenko instructed to analyze various ways of building roads and study international experience.