New 260-hp sports helicopter presented in Minsk

New 260-hp sports helicopter presented in Minsk

A new helicopter was presented near Minsk on October 5, which exceeds the classic Mi-2 in terms of its power and dimensions.

Thanks to the engine, the "American" will also be indispensable in the preparation and participation of Belarusian athletes in world championships. Pilots will start training at the end of 2017 and compete for medals in 2019. Such long training is primarily connected with the fundamentally different controls of this helicopter.

Nikolai Mochansky, the head of the Minsk aeroclub DOSAAF:
Mi-2's rotation is clockwise, here it's counter-clockwise. That is, the aerodynamics is radically different because of the counterclockwise nature of its construction.

Andrei Gorbatovsky, Deputy Chairman of the Central Council of DOSAAF Aviation - Head of Aviation Department of the Central Office of DOSAAF:
Mi-2's fuel consumption is 200 liters, this one consumes only 57. Engine power is 260 horsepower. The take-off weight is small - one ton. The range of flight is 650 kilometers. It is almost entire Belarus.

In the next few years, the aero club is going to add three more such sports helicopters to its fleet.