Belarus, Venezuela intend to significantly boost cooperation in the next 2 years

Belarus, Venezuela intend to significantly boost cooperation in the next 2 years

Belarus and Venezuela intend to significantly increase cooperation in the next two years. This is the result of the negotiations held in the Palace of Independence by Alexander Lukashenko and the President of the Bolivarian Republic.

The parties considered the widest range of issues of trade and economic cooperation - in the field of oil production and processing. There is an interest in building another five agro-towns along the Belarusian model.

In November, Belarus and Venezuela will hold a meeting of the joint commission in Minsk, where they will develop a roadmap for joint work.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The current official visit of my friend, the President of Venezuela, will contribute to deepening the partnership between our countries in all areas. Today we exchanged views on the key areas of political and economic cooperation. We have set benchmarks for the future. Unfortunately, as we stated with the president, now the export-import relations between Belarus and Venezuela are not at the same high level as they once were, for various reasons, largely independent of Venezuela and Belarus, but the potential of the two countries allows to significantly increase our relations, including in economy and trade.

During the visit of Mr. Maduro, a monument to the national hero of Venezuela Simon Bolivar was opened. The square in which the bust is now located also carries name of the famous fighter for the independence of Spanish colonies in America is also the . Named so in 2008, it became a favorite place for diplomats of Venezuela, Cuba and Ecuador, celebrating the state holidays of their countries in Belarus.