Belarus, Venezuela presidents meet in Minsk


Belarus, Venezuela presidents meet in Minsk

Belarus and Venezuela intend to significantly increase cooperation in the next two years. This is the outcome of the negotiations between Alexander Lukashenko and the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Nicolas Maduro, which took place on October 5 in the Palace of Independence.

Alexander Lukashenko met Venezuela's leader personally at the entrance to the residence.

Negotiations of the heads of state began in a one-on-one format. Alexander Lukashenko and Nicholas Maduro have identified the main areas for joint work.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Dear Nicholas! I am glad to welcome you here in Belarus, in a country that is friendly to Venezuela. I think, dear President, there is no need for me to talk about our feelings for the Venezuelan people, to you personally - we have more than a decade of history of relationships. We have always cherished feelings of the highest gratitude and respect for you, your people, and your state.

You and I had a great mutual friend Hugo Chávez, who, unfortunately, is no longer with us. And I think that the essence of our current meeting with you is that we must resolutely make a good new step forward in the development of our relations. We are ready for this.

Nicholas Maduro, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela:
I'm very pleased to be here. We know you are among our real friends. Venezuela is taking new steps in the economy. In this work, Venezuela and Belarus should identify concrete areas for cooperation. We have already had great successes, we want to restore these achievements step by step. And we came with a hope to do it.

Later, the leaders were joined by their delegations. The parties considered the widest range of issues - from the work of joint assembly production to interaction in the agrarian area.

Venezuela also plans to expand cooperation with Belarus in the field of oil production and refining. There is an interest in building another five agro-towns along the Belarusian model. A huge potential exists in the training of specialists in the scientific and technical sphere.

Alexander Lukashenko:
The current official visit of my friend the President of Venezuela will contribute to deepening the partnership between our countries in all areas. Today we exchanged views on the key areas of political and economic interaction, set the benchmarks for the future.

Unfortunately, as we stated with the president, now the export-import relations between Belarus and Venezuela are not at the same high level as they once were - for various reasons, largely independent of Venezuela and Belarus. But the potential of the two countries allows us to significantly increase our relations, including in the sphere of economy and trade.

You know my character, you know the character of Nicholas: and we will do it. This will already be noticeable over the next 2 years, and in 5 years we will try to remove the problems that exist in your and our country. And we will do it, I say it specifically to Venezuelans. This applies to many other sectors, and above all, to the educational and scientific and technical. You can build plants, you can create other sectors of the economy. But if there are no trained people, specialists who should work at these facilities from among the Venezuelan people, there will be no victory.

Therefore, creating a new, as the president says - post-oil Venezuela, developing the real sector of the economy in Venezuela, it is necessary to prepare specialists for the development of this new historical stage in our brotherly Venezuela at a rapid pace.

Nicholas Maduro:
Now the key thing is to restart our projects and cooperation. We must resume our agreements in the field of industry and agriculture. Venezuela counts on the help and support of Belarus in restoring the growth of our economy. We invite your country to cooperate, we know the working capacity, the iron will and discipline that Belarusians have.

Делегация из Венесуэлы во главе с президентом Николасом Мадуро возложила венки и живые цветы к монументу Победы в Минске

Делегация из Венесуэлы во главе с президентом Николасом Мадуро возложила венки и живые цветы к монументу Победы в Минске

Immediately after the talks, the delegation from Venezuela went to the Victory Monument, where it honored the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. The guests laid wreaths and fresh flowers at the Eternal Flame.