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Belarusian scientists find way to increase service life of machinery parts

Another Belarusian know-how. Mogilev scientists have found a way to increase the service life of parts of agricultural machinery. They have developed a technology for applying wear-resistant coatings to aggregates' knives.

Usual steel quickly enough fails after being used for mowing or cutting. Scientists have come up with a special metal powder to be applied to the cutting edges. Its composition and application technology are kept secret.

Evgeny Marukovich, Academician, Head of the Department of the Institute of Metal Technology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus:
It is possible to make knife-plates from very expensive steel, to temper it, it will be strong and long to serve. It is however relatively long. But this is very expensive. What wears down quickly is the cutting edge. The biggest and biggest difficulty is just 0.5 millimeters - it is melted from a powder material. The powder must melt, and at that time there must be such conditions of connection with that metal that allow the atoms of one metal to penetrate into the crystal lattice of the other. And only then will one get inseparable connection. This is the most difficult task.

The first batch has already been sent for testing. But work on the effective use of various alloys continues. For example, Belarusian scientists are trying to make give greater flexibility to cast iron and greater strength to aluminum. Scientists say now mankind uses only 15-20% of the properties of metals.

Belarusian scientists find way to increase service life of agricultural machinery parts