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Festival director recommends performances for TEART in Minsk

What performances to watch during the International Theater Art Forum TEART in Minsk? The program Big City talked with Anzhelika Krashevskaya, director of the forum.

Anzhelika Krashevskaya, Director of the International Theater Art Forum "TEART":
Grodno will bring a puppet theater. Mogilev is Igor Kazakov, I think he already has fans in Minsk. And it pleases, in fact. It's good, really. Bobruisk theater is represented by Lena Silutina with "London". The Vitebsk theater will come, too. By the way, it's remarkable that the national theater will come from there, it is surprising, because we have not known for a long time what is happening there. These are theaters outside Minsk. Among Minsk theaters I would mark Theater of Belarusian Drama, which presents two projects at once.

There are also independent groups. There is an amazing thing - the production Krotkaya (Meek). This is Dostoevsky in plastic.

This is the independent group, the theater-studio Altana. For me it was also a discovery, because they applied and you begin to pay attention to them. Maybe Minskers will like them and pay attention to their development, become their fans.

Festival director recommends theatrical performances for TEART in Minsk