Big politics: Nicolas Maduro to pay official visit to Belarus


Big politics: Nicolas Maduro to pay official visit to Belarus

Minsk is on the eve of big politics. The official negotiations of the leaders of Belarus and Venezuela are scheduled for October 4. Trade and economic cooperation, bilateral projects, joint productions and cooperation in agriculture, building, oil and gas sectors will be discussed. Belarus has realized many projects in Venezuela. The visit of Nicolas Maduro to Belarus will allow finding new ways for the development of relations. Minsk National Airport is getting ready to meet the distinguished guest.

Yekaterina Zhilyanina, CTV:
A fruitful program lies ahead of the President of Venezuela. A meeting with Alexander Lukashenko will be held in the Palace of Independence. The negotiations are expected in bot narrow and wide circles.

Before coming to Belarus the leader of Venezuela said that during his visit he will reactivate the mixed committee. And among the new subjects Nicolas Maduro would like to discuss is cooperation in housing infrastructure and industry. It is necessary to say that Belarus and Venezuela have positive partnership experience in these sectors. For example, Belarusian specialists built several residential areas and plants in Venezuela. This country is well familiar with Belarusian machinery.

Jose Boggiano, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the Republic of Belarus:
There is a range of Belarusian plants in Venezuela: tractors and other machinery is established in Venezuela, however, the main branch of activity is building. Belarusians build houses for Venezuelans. As for the future, it would be good to have more projects in the sectors as medicine, agriculture and science. All these issues are very important in our relations and the need to be discussed. We are working in history and culture directions.

The opening of the monument to the national hero of Venezuela Simón Bolívar is planned for October 5 in Minsk. Nicolas Maduro is expected to partake in the solemn ceremony.

Yekaterina Zhilyanina:
It is not the first visit of Nicolas Maduro to Mins. In April 2013 he was elected the President of Venezuela, and in June of the same year he visited Belarus with an official visit. The distinguished guest is planning to leave Belarus tomorrow evening. The special flight from the National Airport will take off to Turkey, the next country in the schedule of the Venezuelan leader.