Over 8 million tons of grain harvested in Belarus

Over 8 million tons of grain harvested in Belarus

The harvest of 2017 turned out to be better than in 2016. The harvesting of grain legumes has finished completely.

The last hectares of panic grass and buckwheat are still to be harvested.

Despite the weather, the total harvest increased by 10% thanks to the sensible approach of the agrarians. As a whole the grain yield increased by two hundred kilograms per hectare. Belarusian agrarians have harvested eight million tons of grain in total.

Leonid Zayats, Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus:
It will allow providing the preparation of subsistence stores of Belarus completely, to fill the seed reserves, supply the cattle breeding with the necessary amount of grain. And we will have about one million tons of grain as a reserve, so that we could make grits, flour out of it and then sell the products with a high added value.

The harvesting campaign of potatoes, corn and sugar beets is coming to an end in Belarus. These works are planned to be finished by November 1.