Transport and Logistics Fair-2017 kicks off in Minsk

Transport and Logistics Fair-2017 kicks off in Minsk

The reconstruction of large motorways Minsk-Grodno and Minsk-Mikashevichy will be finished by 2019. The second runway will be built at Minsk National Airport by that time as well. What is more, the cooperation in air between certain companies will begin earlier than that. These issues are being discussed at the Transport and Logistics Fair, which kicked off in Minsk on October 3.

The 11th forum “Transport and Logistics-2017” began to the strains of cello. The work of this sector for Belarus is a priority, half of the export belongs to this sector. And Minsk is always ready for close cooperation -especially when it is mutually beneficial.

Anatoly Kalinin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Today we have launched electronic transport to Vilnius. We are building an infrastructure project of the M6 motorway, which is close to the border with the EU; we are together realizing the project of water transport E40 Poland-Belarus-Ukraine.

The delivery of cargos is a pot of gold, especially on the EEU market, all the more in air. For instance, the Russian company “Sheremetyevo-Cargo” has been on the air transport market for 25 years- in the time being the company has gained clients and authority-hundreds of partners all over the world. There is interest to cooperating with Belarus.

Yuri Mamkovich, IT manager of JSC company “Sheremetyevo-Cargo”:
Our task is to help Belavia to establish cooperation with the Belarusian customs based on our experience, in order to get preliminary information upon the plane’s arrival till its departure and unloading.

To deliver a kitten a car, an industrial tool or even cattle- fat and by air. It is not fantasy, but real demands of the modern market- “Sheremetyevo-Cargo” has adapted to this-the power of the main terminal is nearly 1.5 million tons of cargo per year-it is 52 thousand of BelAZ machines.

What is more, even a small box won’t get lost. Any cargo transportation is fixed by the computer. It is convenient and gives the company a green light for cooperation, it’s a reliable scheme.

Igor Paramonov, director of innovation management of JSC company “Sheremetyevo-Cargo”:
We have many methods of tracking the whole process of cargo transportation implemented. All the equipment has a video recorder. We can see what is inside the cargo module and how the cargo is taken out.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus, Belavia and the cargo terminal of Minsk are already holding negotiations with JSC company “Sheremetyevo-Cargo”, the company is ready to take up the customs worries and registration. Everyone will be in plus, and it is a good example of cooperation within the EEU.