Lithuanian family inspired by Belarusian farmsteads

Lithuanian family inspired by Belarusian farmsteads

A family from neighboring Lithuania got interested in Belarus’ experience of conducting agro business.

After visiting the Grodno region, Gražina Augvene got inspired by the example of handling agricultural tourism in Belarus. At her native village near Druskininkai she set up an farmstead, where she made a bid on a sure variant-cheese.

Gražina Augvene is making one of her delicacies and at the same time is opening the secrets of her home-made cheeses. She says that the main thing is to follow the production process, but to leave some space for imagination as well.

Gražina Augvene, hostess of a farmstead (Lithuania):
Such mold, which is on these cheeses-this is the mold of this cellar. A different cheese maker will have different mold.

There aren’t so many farmsteads in Lithuania, though the demand for agricultural tourism is high. At first the family had to set up this business against their will.

Gražina Augvene:
We set up this bsinees because when we were giving the milk to the state they were paying us little, and we had to do something with 10 cows of ours. This is for whom we began to process.

Gražina admits that she was inspired y the experience of Belarusian agrotourism. She visited the Grodno region and decided to create something like this in Lithuania. And she was right- many tourists come and visit. Lithuanians from all over the country come to see cows, chickens, ducks, turkeys, horses and ponies.

Lina Shimonene, head specialist of cattle breeding department of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Lithuanian Republic:
Children from towns and cities don’t even know that it is cows that give milk. So probably, Lithuania needs such farmsteads.

And, of course, the highlight of the program is that gests can milk a cow, beat butter, and most importantly, try the branded cheese.

Galina Buro, CTV:
It takes only half an hour to prepare this cheese. It is made from fresh milk with adding two ingredients: salt and cumin. It is very tasty with jam.

The farmstead for Gražina is her reason to live. She is planning to expand her business.

Gražina Augvene, hostess of a farmstead (Lithuania):
To see agricultural tourism in Belarus, and may be something can be brought from there to Lithuania. Anyway we are all from the earth, roots grow from the ground anyway.

The work at this farmstead begins at half pat five in the morning and lasts till night. There is enough of work to do. There is enthusiasm, there are ideas, and there is someone to learn from.