Belarus, Latvia discuss partnership ahead of 2021 IIHF WM


Belarus, Latvia discuss partnership ahead of 2021 IIHF WM

Belarus and Latvia are discussing the prospects for partnership relations. Negotiations between the parliamentarians of the two countries were held in Minsk.

The focus was on the development of political dialogue, economic ties, scientific cooperation, and tourism. In particular, the possibility of an unhindered regime for tourist trips around Belarus and Latvia during the World Hockey Championship in 2021 was discussed. Considering the holding of matches of the championship in Riga and Minsk, the sides also touched upon the preparation of motorways. Among the priority areas is the strengthening of regional ties, mutual investment, and industrial cooperation.

Marianna Schetkina, Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Republic:
When we talked about the prospects for the development of wood processing, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, we talked about the need to focus on work with private businesses. Business should be interested in this. The discussion about the liberalization of business conditions in Belarus caused interest too. Therefore, naturally, we are talking about the fact that investments are always welcome. But, again, this all is built on trust, when there is transparency of relations, there is honesty of relations. This is what we see between our states: both at a high political level and at the level of parliaments.

Gundars Daudze, Speaker of the Saeima of Latvia:
In 2021 we jointly organize the World Hockey Championship. It will be held both in Minsk and Riga. I think that ice hockey is the only sphere where we are opponents. In everything else I would like us to be really not only good partners, but also good friends.

2017 is a landmark year for Belarus and Latvia - diplomatic relations between our countries were established 25 years ago.