Belarus President criticizes Minsk construction policy

Belarus President criticizes Minsk construction policy

The Belarus President required to stop unreasonable densification of housing and cutting trees without a reason.

He also demanded that order be established in villages and on roads. The word "order" on October 3 was key at the meeting to discuss the new edition of the Belarus Housing Code.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The topic is very urgent, since it affects the interests of almost all residents of the country, and even those who have housing today. The solution of the housing problem is one of the main indicators of the development of society. Housing is not just a wall and a roof over your head. This is the place where a person, having come from work, can rest, stay with their family in a cozy and comfortable environment. The most important thing is the education of our children.

The task of the state, our task: we must create all conditions and mechanisms to help people who need, first of all, to improve housing conditions. And this direction is the most important component of social policy in Belarus, it will stay in place forever, I think.

The main issues that citizens face in everyday life, such as registering the needy, getting a home, eviction from it, making payments for utilities, managing the housing fund, is regulated by the Housing Code.

As the Minister of Housing and Communal Services noted, the Code will be a kind of constitution for the public utilities. But work on the document continues. The draft will be submitted to parliamentarians at the autumn session.

Alexander Terekhov, housing and communal services minister:
Today's edition of the Housing Code has just absorbed as a final document all those changes that were implemented, were tested in life. And today they appeared in the new edition of the Housing Code.

Alexander Lukashenko has developed the practice of discussing significant laws not only with the government headquarters and experts behind closed doors of the Palace of Independence, but openly, with the general public.

However, bureaucracy remains one of the main problems in this area. The President instructed to figure out the problems of purchasing dilapidated housing in the shortest time.

Alexander Lukashenko:

The number of vacant houses is growing. We need to create conditions for the effective use of such housing. First of all, economical approach is necessary, including the potential for agro-tourism. I have already invited those who wish, not only rich people, who don't want to forget their small homeland. And if someone has the opportunity to tidy up their village by, say, building their own house there, let's do that!

As for emergency housing, my position is unequivocal: there must be order on the ground. Such buildings must be removed and the land must be used in our economy. This work needs to be speeded up on the ground and brought under this regulatory act so that governors and local authorities do not run after people who abandoned their homes, but at the same time allegedly have some documents proving they own this housing. If you own this house, please take care of it.

Thanks to the demolition of decayed houses, about 9,000 hectares of arable land returned to agricultural farming. As is known agriculture is vital for Belarus' economy. Belarusian seeds even surprised the president of sunny Georgia. Georgy Margvelashvili wrote on his Facebook page:

Georgi Margvelashvili:
I wish you a prolific autumn. With the use of Belarusian seed potatoes, taking into account timing, we received a rich harvest - six sacks from one sack of seeds. Thank you, friends.

Belarus should also surprise guests in a year and a half: our country will host the II European Games.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Starting from roads, bridges, junctions (and this is the face of the country), fields adjacent to roads as well as entire cities and villages, about which we will talk today. Don't forget about sowing areas - everything should be in perfect condition.

And one more thing. We agreed on reusing property of various kinds, unfinished construction and so on. Even where I travel every day, every governor is trying to show how the work is going. But this work is not being done. And this is in fact in Minsk! Have we satisfied the demand in Minsk so much that they do not even want to take these premises for free? Then we need to do this.

Today we are pushing citizens and investors of various kinds to construction. There are concrete terms, which are indicated in investment contracts. And for citizens. In the near future, starting from Minsk, we will check how these terms are observed. But even where I go every day I can call it "horror."

Some citizens suffer from local authorities' construction plans. This concerns thoughtless new building projects right next to existing houses and even the felling of relic trees. Often, officials refer to the needs of the city. So it happened with the trees of Minsk Automobile Plant. Here, pines and oaks are not only aesthetic, but also a health-saving hedge.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Mass media are increasingly talking about scandals, ranging from Gomel and ending with Minsk, about the demolition of trees. You start sawing. Instead of creating a park somewhere or put an existing park in order, you start to build more housing. Is there no place where to build housing? Is it necessary to conflict with the population?

You yourself move into this house and live there and imagine someone builds a high-rise of 12 floors just in front of your window. It is necessary to provoke conflicts?