Alexander Lukashenko criticizes housing density and cutting down trees

Alexander Lukashenko criticizes housing density and cutting down trees

All conditions to help people improve their living conditions should be created in Belarus. This was stated by Alexander Lukashenko on October 3 at a large meeting in the Palace of Independence. The new edition of the Housing Code was reviewd at the meeting.

There are many aspects and nuances in this document. Here are just some of them: how to properly dispose of vacant and dilapidated houses, how to stand in line for an flat which is partially sponsored by the state and how to pay utility bills or get rental housing? These issues worry many Belarusians. The Housing Code was updated 5 years ago. Perhaps it's time to make changes to the document, but the main thing is whether the housing procedures will become more transparent and easier after that. In one word, it is necessary to put into order certain mechanisms that regulate the relationship "man - housing". However, speaking of the need to restore order, the President does not only mean the housing sector. For example, order in agriculture was also one of the main messages of today's meeting.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Next year we will make maximum effort to put the country into order. And not only because this is the last year before the European Olympic Games in Belarus. In 2019 representatives of the whole world will come to see Belarus. What will we show them? Starting from roads, bridges, junctions (and this is the face of the country), fields adjacent to roads as well as entire cities and villages, about which we will talk today. Don't forget about sowing areas - everything should be in perfect condition.

And another thing. We agreed on involving the turnover of various property, in particular unfinished construction. Even where I travel every day, the third governor is trying to show how the work is going. But this work is not being done. Even those buildings that the owners can not complete... Take them. We cannot decide what to do there. And this is in fact in Minsk. Have we satisfied the demand so much that they do not even want to take these premises for free? Then we need to do this.

Today we are pushing citizens and investors of various kinds to building. You know my demands. There are concrete terms, which are indicated in investment contracts. And for citizens as well. In the nearest future, starting with Minsk, we will check how these terms are fulfilled. But even to the places I go to every day, I can call it "horror." Instead of two years it is taking them five years to build these houses. Neglected, overgrown with weeds, buildings and premises, which I already paid attention to, are just standing in the city-hero Minsk.

Stewardship is necessary for everything. Including in the issues concerning putting things to order. However, the President is demanding for informed decisions and gives an example. Some 135 trees were cut down in Tsentralnaya Street in Minsk to lay a heating line. Local resident decided to stand up for their area. This territory is not far away from MAZ, and green plants play a very important ecological role here. As a result the clearance was stopped. Such cases are under special control of the President.

Alexander Lukashenko:
The mass media, no matter how tame they are, write about the scandals more often, starting from Gomel and ending with Minsk with the residents concerning cutting down trees. You are starting to cut down trees and plow there. Instead of putting things into order in parks, you are starting to stamp houses. No space, where to build houses? Is it necessary to conflict with the residents?

Move to this house and live there, build a 12 store house nearby so that your house is in the same yard. It is necessary to conflict. In Minsk they cme to cutting down century trees instead of putting the communications somewhere under the road, as it is usually done. This street is somewhere near MTZ. I gave indications to the Security Department to find it out. The answer from Minsk authorities and Shorets is behind them: “This street can’t be touched, the Security Department prohibited to”. I visit this plant one every two or three years, may be even in five years. What has this street to do with it all? I have never even seen it! What, do you want people to get me wrong?

And then, did you plant these trees that you are cutting them down now? Every person is trying to leave his house in a good mood, to look at these trees. No, we are cutting them all down. We will plant new ones somewhere. You can do it in your own gardens, cut down century trees and plant new ones, what will the benefits be… We need to stop this violence! They say the tree may fall onto the road. If it does, we will clear it up.

I am asking for my indications to be strict requirements to your work. There will be no more repeating. Otherwise, the situation will soon be like in the neighboring states. The government is separate and the people are separate.

The issues of rational usage of old and empty houses were discussed at the meeting separately. Such buildings are typical for villages. These buildings can and must be used, For instance in agrotourism. And then return the lands to circulation or find a new owner. The President demanded to optimize the work on places and improve the mechanism of the transfer of such houses. But the process must take place without unnecessary bureaucracy.