Belarus President visits Kuhchitsy farm to inspect autumn field works

Belarus President visits Kuhchitsy farm to inspect autumn field works

They say bread is the staff of life. The harvest campaign in Belarus is a good confirmation of this wise proverb. The President of Belarus and the media are closely monitoring the matter. The total harvest in 2017 is to be 10 million tons. Almost all the cereal has already been harvested.

Potatoes are called the second bread in Belarus. Harvesting of root crops was one of the topics during Alexander Lukashenko's working trip to the Minsk region.

To know all the subtleties of potato varieties is not a privilege, but knowledge of first necessity for Belarusians. At the Kuhchitsy farm, the second bread is grown on 183 hectares. The varieties are of domestic selection only.

This year the harvest of potatoes is to be really good. Nature has created favorable conditions for root crops as never before. The agrarians have already harvested 67% of the vegetable planted. But harvesting is only half the battle. Now the strategic task is to store it properly. Luckily, technologies can help with the matter. The storage facilities create conditions that will allow the vegetable to winter safety.

Kletsk district is one of the smallest ones in the Minsk region. Nevertheless, this is the place where Belarusians managed to adapt advanced technologies successfully. The head of the farm, as they say, is a man of the "new formation." He is sure:

intelligent approach to the matter is a key to avoid plentiful problems and battles for crops, even in difficult climatic conditions.

Sergey Zdrok, Director of OAO Kukhchitsy:
The most important thing for me is to see that the people who work here are happy, that they want to go to work, that they get a decent salary.

This year the harvest is good, but we need to mobilize all the forces to keep it safe. Alexander Lukashenko emphasizes: after the hard work done when harvesting the grain, people feel relaxed now. In the Vitebsk region, the situation is the most difficult. In the meantime, autumn does not play for the benefit of the agrarians. The October 4th is the “day X” for completing the harvesting.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Today, we must work faster and mobilize people again. We do not know what the weather will be like tomorrow. People are not fully operational. Look how the grains are cleaned. This is the result of good work. People did their utmost there. The harvest season is over for them, so now on Saturday, Sunday, they can have a rest, work for half a day.

We need to harvest the corn. There are huge fields of corn. It's not the issue to leave unfulfilled.

Several years ago it was normal to get 3.5-4 tons of sugar per hectare in Belarus. Now these figures would be considered to be a failure. Science confirms: the yield of sugar beet is 500 centners from one hectare. And it is far from the limit for Belarus. It is interesting, that the country cultivates seeds of this culture in Serbia and Italy.

Balanced feed for anima is a strategic task. A cornerstone of food security. At the dawn of the domestic agriculture revival, the stockbreeder’s dream is 5,000 liters of milk per cow a year. Today these figures are real. It's all about a balanced diet. The know-how of the local farm is sorghum grass.

Alexander Lukashenko:
By the way, I see a sorghum field for the first time. And I like what I see. The harvest is to be good. What’s more, the grass is nutritious.

In terms of production, this plant ranks fifth in the world. For Belarus, almost 4-meter grass is still more like a promising experiment. The green mass is both useful and nutritious. However, every farm should go its own way. Do not act on a pattern. For example, in the Vitebsk region, the focus of agriculture should be shifted to livestock.

Alexander Lukashenko:
It turns out that we sow for the sake of sowing. We have outlined the plan, which is to plant 200,000-300,000. So whatever is going to happen, even if you have to work in December, we will fulfill the plan.

Mikhail Rusyi, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
We know our job. So we plant the grain everywhere it is possible to be planted. And just the volume of grain that was planned, which is 180,000 hectares of winter crops, must be sown. However, there are certain problems with spring grain.

People can work well on farms. All they need to do is to follow the technologies accurately. By the way, according to the President of Belarus,

the main task for the next year is to bring order to the earth.

Alexander Lukashenko:
It is necessary to bring order to Belarus. We must finally solve the question of former farms reclamation. We must destroy all of these remains and fragment them. We are able to do this. It turned out to be a profitable business.

Only a few days left to the end of the harvest season. And each of these days is literally expensive for Belarus. After all, as folk wisdom says, a day of working bad takes away from you the harvest you could get.