President Lukashenko receives credentials from new foreign ambassadors October 2


President Lukashenko receives credentials from new foreign ambassadors October 2

Belarus always keeps to a principle of openness, equality and justice in the dialogue with its partners.

This was sated by President Lukashenko on October 2, when receiving credentials of foreign ambassadors.

Representatives of different countries gathered in the Palace of Independence. From the European continent (Spain, Sweden), Africa (Djibouti, Mali). Among the other states are Uruguay, Chili, and Laos. When Addressing the ambassadors, Alexander Lukashenko once again emphasized: multi-vector nature in the Belarusian external policy was and will stay a priority.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
In the dialogue with its partners Belarus always keeps to openness, honesty, equality and justice. Today, when the situation in the world is far from being peaceful, these approaches are especially valuable. It is consistent and pragmatic politics that helped Belarus to normalize and strengthen relations with the West.

We managed to overcome the disputes and are now building a new platform of cooperation based on mutual respect and balance of interests.

Today it is necessary to build and strengthen political, economic, humanitarian bridges between countries and various integration organizations both in the West and in the East. It is necessary to find as more common touch points as possible, which will unite countries and peoples.

I cannot but not praise the uniting force of culture and sport. Belarus will be hosting the Second European Games in 2019, and in 2012 Belarus will be hosting the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championship together with Latvia. I honestly hope that there will be representatives of your countries among participants and guests of the sport event.

All in all, the President received representatives of 11 countries in the Palace of Independence on October 2.