Stolichnoe Televidenie switches to HD format: What staff say

Stolichnoe Televidenie switches to HD format: What staff say

Television is still the most important source of information for people. Speaking "still" we mean the rapid development of the World Wide Web. There is a misconception that the Internet will push TV companies away.

In fact, the Internet can be another way of distributing TV programs. Which is actually happening in parallel with the development of new forms of broadcasting: every person today is able to communicate their point of view, collect and distribute news having only a computer or a smartphone.

Classical television also learns new technologies and rises to new levels. On Monday, October 2, the CTV (Stolichnoe Televidenie) will become the first national broadcaster in Belarus to broadcast in HD format. CTV Channel is becoming the pioneer among the three national television companies of Belarus on the path to HD television.

HDTV is a television system with vertical and horizontal resolution being approximately twice as large as the standard one.

Alena Syrova, correspondent:
The standard image, the one we see today on our screens, is far from ideal. The transition to a new broadcasting format allows viewers to see seemingly inconspicuous, smallest details. With the quality of the image twice higher, the amount of efforts to be put into this quality image also doubles.

The transition to HDTV standards is akin to a revolution in broadcasting technologies. The previous breakthrough of this kind was when black and white television gained colors. With the advent of HD, the gamma has become brighter, more diverse and clearer. But changing the format implies higher costs.

Konstantin Avramenko, Deputy General Director of ZAO Stolichnoe Televidenie:
It took us several months to prepare for this day. We bought new equipment, we trained staff. We made a new design, a new packaging and a new studio.

In the purchase of equipment CTV Channel was guided by the experience of colleagues from the United States and Japan (because that's where this super clear television was born). In Belarus, there will be only one national channel that will now broadcast in HD. The accompanying changes here seem to have affected every puzzle in the TV production picture.

Marina Klimantovich, make-up artist, CTV Channel:
We purchased new cosmetics, special one for HD format. Its special microparticles do not absorb light but reflect it.

Irina Rombalskaya, TV presenter, press secretary of Stolichnoe Televidenie:
We will maximally resemble ourselves in real life and the viewer will be able to see every hair, eye color, anything, up to some flaws. Therefore we, girls, are a little alarmed. But we are very glad that now we will be able to wear certain clothes that we could not wear before: striped and checked clothes.

However, you will see all these details if you have a TV with HD support and connection to a cable or satellite operator. It's because analogue TV is not adapted to the new format, and Belarus will completely switch to digital format only in 2018. But there is another option - to watch CTV online. You can find a number of HD videos on the website.

Anton Martynenko, TV host:
I know that many of my colleagues are really worried about the transition to DTV. Allegedly, their facial shortcomings will be even more visible. Colleagues, this is not what you should be afraid of. Thanks to the transition to HD broadcasting, we will see not only your external features, but also internal ones, thanks to DTV it will be clear whether you are a good person, whether you pay alimony on time, whether you like CTV Channel in general. Well, I'm supposed to have to say goodbye to coffee, since they say teeth really turn yellow if you drink too much. I do not need it.

Of course, viewers will appreciate this honesty. Professionals advise: the main thing is not to succumb to euphoria.

Victoria Alshevskaya, director of the television company ZAO "Stolichnoe TV":
The picture is definitely bright, juicy, you want to look at it, you want to work with it, but in no case should you lose your vigilance. Any little thing that will hide from our sight will now be visible.

The transition to the HD format in the era of rapid development today is the milestone that Stolichnoe Televidenie has already overcome. The next stage is a picture that is four times clearer. And this, apparently, is not far off, because 60% of the new equipment is ready to broadcast in 4K format.