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Stolichnoe Televidenie Channel switches to HD quality

From this day on, Stolichnoe Televidenie launches HD broadcasting, which stands for high-definition television.

Now our viewers will get even better picture, juicy colors and stereo broadcasting. Without exaggeration, this is the next stage in the development of the television company.

Everyone was preparing for the transition to new television era: journalists, operators, and technical services. On October 2, the CTV Channel officially becomes the first national broadcaster using HD format.

This good news has already spread around all corners of Belarus. CTV is now using high quality broadcasting. Now you will see only bright and crystal clear image.

Yulia Zenkovich and Dmitry Kovalev:
We prefer to watch all movies, programs in HD quality. This is just because it is much more pleasant to watch. You get high contrast as well as bright juicy colors. It's nice that a Belarusian channel will also broadcast in HD.

Preparations took more than one month and finally this happened. The entire technical chain was updated: from new scenery to new equipment.

Konstantin Avramenko, Deputy General Director of ZAO Stolichnoe Televidenie:
We have done a very great job of re-equipping the studios. We now have a large screen that supports not even HD, but 8K resolution. Viewers will see it on the air. It will be clearer and more informative.

Moreover, CTV Channel has come up with new graphics and new musical design.

Sergei Prokhorov, TV presenter:
Watching TV will be much more enjoyable. Moreover, now it is fashionable to buy very large screens. Everything will look without loss of quality and just wonderful on big screens.

Maria Arabchik, Head of CTV's Broadcasting Department in Minsk and Minsk Region:
Now we are like under a magnifying glass, I mean all our shortcomings are. This means we must work with even more responsibility.

Stolichnoe Televidenie is not going to stop here. Already today, we begin to move towards a new goal, or to be exact, to an even greater number of pixels.

 как изменился канал СТВ

 как изменился канал СТВ

 как изменился канал СТВ

Stolichnoe Televidenie Channel switches to HD quality