President Lukashenko, Ramzan Kadyrov discuss benefits of mutual cooperation in Minsk


President Lukashenko, Ramzan Kadyrov discuss benefits of mutual cooperation in Minsk

Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen Republic, visited Belarus. Economic issues were the main topic of discussion; however, it did not interfere with respectable exchange of compliments.

Belarusian-Chechen mutual benefits should be viewed from two points-from Minsk and Grozny. This is what the correspondents tried to do. It seemed what could be done in a few hours of the visit. Nevertheless, Belarus and Chechnya had time to determine the direction of bilateral relations for the years to come.

Ramzan Kadyrov praised the taste of Belarusian potatoes and the power of MAZ trucks. The cooperation of Belarus and Chechnya will grow muscles with regional connections.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
The key theme is cooperation, the most advanced, mutually beneficial form of cooperation, within which it will be possible to satisfy the needs of the regional market and create high-tech working places.

Ramzan Kadyrov, Head of the Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation:
The pilot project, concerning not only the region but the entire Northern Caucasian region, it would be beneficial for your plants and us as well.

The Chechen Republic is one of the leaders in economic growth in its region. Having launched Belarusian agricultural equipment assembling plants – tractors as well- the country became a more prospective platform for selling them to neighboring republics. It is a potential market of millions of consumers. Belarusian tractors are well known in Chechnya. However, the nearest dealers are in Rostov. Quite a distance way. It is high time to begin the work directly.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Even in Russia, when we negotiate (at times especially in Russia) with someone, we search and ask: give us reliable partners. Because it seems that everyone is responsible for himself there, and we have lost a lot there-hundreds of millions of dollars- because of the dishonesty of certain businessmen in Russia. It seemed that we agreed and trusted their word-how else, they are our people. In one year or more there is no businessman, no company, nothing, and no money returned. Therefore, having a reliable partner is very important for us. We have no problems with you.

Ramzan Kadyrov:
I can say that I had a dream to meet with you in person, because all these years, as you have just said we felt support and still feel the support. You are very much so respected in the Caucasus and loved, When they found out that I was going to Belarus, all- the younger and the elder generation asked to send you a big hello to President Lukashenko. We always feel support. Always listen to your speeches. It is great honor, if to be frank. I send you hello from youth and the elder generation. They love you and respect you very much.

High quality Belarusian products and services are loved in many countries. Good political relations are a great foundation for big economy.

Yevgeny Gorin, CTV:
The Chechen journalists, who came to Belarus together with Ramzan Kadyrov, returned back home with a huge baggage of impressions. They had to work in a very unusual regime.