What did President Lukashenko and Alan Duncan discuss in Minsk?


What did President Lukashenko and Alan Duncan discuss in Minsk?

This is the first visit of the British government’s representative of such a level to Belarus. During the meeting Alexander Lukashenko expressed important thoughts on cooperation of Belarus and Great Britain and Belarus with leading European states.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Honorable Minister, what did I think of when entering the hall for the meeting with you? First of all, finally a high-level person, member of the government of a very developed, advanced country decided to visit Belarus, It’s a new good sign.

Secondly, you may not like it, I thought that it is a shame that at this moment Great Britain is leaving the EU. We had a very good, reliable partner in the European Union, which could say the truth about Belarus. This is the answer to the question regarding what I am expecting from your visit - the visit of the Minister of the British government - to Belarus. I am expecting you to see Belarus and to form a certain opinion (an objective opinion) about Belarus at least for yourself.

I want you to see everything western politicians and public officials weren’t noticing for such a long time (“not noticing” in inverted commas).

However, in order to study this process deeper and for it to begin, let’s determine 3-4 solid economic pilot projects (because economy is a base for any relations) and implement them. Let’s be simple: Great Britain has a lot of free money that must be invested into business.

Alan Duncan, Minister of State for Europe and the Americas, MFA of Great Britain:
I am very pleased to be the first British minister to visit Belarus. Unfortunately, it took too much time, this year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Belarus and Great Britain.

I send you the best wishes from the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Theresa May.

I was fond of hockey when at school. Unfortunately, we had to play on grass, not on ice. Sadly, I wouldn’t be able to play in your team.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We will teach you how to play, if you wish to.

Alan Duncan:
I am always ready to learn, despite the age.