President Lukashenko demands faster autumn harvesting works

President Lukashenko demands faster autumn harvesting works

The next year in agriculture will be the year of farming efficiency. Such indications were given by Alexander Lukashenko during his working visit to the Minsk region.

The main field work is behind, however, Belarusian agrarians are at a no less important stage- harvesting of vegetables, corn, the sowing of winter crops is in full swing. The weather is capricious: frosts in the morning and up to +20 in the day time. In this respect, the Presidents gave indications to speed up the field works. The discussion itself was held at the "Kukhchitsy" farm in the Kletsk district.

On September 29, 2017 Alexander Lukashenko went on a working visit to the Minsk region. The farm in the Kletsk district "Kukhchitsy" is at the center of the President’s attention. Harvesting of sugar beet, maize, sorghum and potatoes is being carried out here. Agrarians Are planning to finish the field works here in the nearest time.

The head of the farm Sergei Zdrok was born on this land, used to work as an agronomist here, now he is the director. He says that he supports his native land with all his soul. For instance, he worked quite well in 2017: the profitability seven times more than in 2016. The young director takes care of the working conditions as well. The average salary at the farm today is 704 rubles. He also likes experimenting on the land. New ideas are always welcome at "Kukhchitsy".

Sergei Zdrok, director of OJSC "Kukhchitsy":
We want to build a dairy-milking block for 300 cattle heads next year. We are planning to buy tractors. To experiment and have good harvest of sugar beets. To get a better result without expanding land, by means of return from one hectare, by means of the crop productivity. We know what we will be doing with cereals next year. We had a budget variant this year, next year we will be putting in more into protecting cereals from diseases.

Under the experiment Sergei Zdrok means a whole field of sorghum-the so-called Sudanese grass, which is an exotic crop for Belarus at the moment. The advantages of sorghum are vital: the crop loves warmth; it is heat and drought resistant. It is mainly cultivated as a fodder in Western the north and east of Africa, in India. The crop yield of the green mass is up to 400 hundred kilograms per hectare. Belarusian agrarians plan harvesting 450.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Everyone knows: he knows, the chairman of the district executive committee knows, how to do it. The main thing is to make people do it. No one will ever punish you for making people follow the technologies.

By the way, thanks to the smart technological cycle each field can give 1.5 of harvest-the specialists are sure.

Mikhail Rusyi, Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus:
The main thing is to get a competitive product, which will then allow receiving normal products, I mean fodder. The fodder will then be cheaper and balanced. We will get cattle breeding products. Because the basis of plant growing is 65% orientated at providing normal work of the cattle breeding sector.

If to take the Vitebsk region as an example, the vector can be moved onto meat cattle breading from plant growing. However, due to the weather conditions the northern region of Belarus quite often falls behind. Therefore, the winter crops need to be sown by October 4.

Alexander Lukashenko:
On Tuesday you report to me together with Zayats that your seed company is completed. At any rate must Vitebsk region be sown this week. There's no reason to touch October. If you don't do it in time, don't do it at all. We will sow grass then. Otherwise, we will sow now and report that grain crops have been seeded.

Such due attention to every region of Belarus is for a reason: a fruitful year can give a good “money harvest”. The support of the government in such cases will be directed at other issues.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Don’t count on more money and financial support anymore. The year is good so earn money. We must concentrate the finances on land reclamation crop-engineering works. Yes, we need to bring things to order in the country. We must strictly bring up the issue on recultivation of former farms, elimination of the leftovers, granulation. We can do it. It turns out to be a profitable business.

As many as 28% of sugar beet fields have been harvested already. The “Kukhchitsy” farm will have a good harvest of this crop. The President was demonstrated hybrids. The seeds of sugar beets are imported to Belarus from Italy and Serbia. However, there is not enough of land there and this problem must be solved. Primarily, the possible variants should be discussed with partners.

The crop yield of potatoes in Belarus is 317 hundred kilograms per hectare at the moment. If to compare with 2016, it is 52 hundred kilograms more.

Sergei Zdrok:
We are aiming at the quality of potatoes. The quality should be good for its further realization, because all the seeds are pretreated when sown; the seeds are pretreated six times when there is potato blight. Therefore, we get a good harvest of potatoes.

The task on building potato storages was set by the President in 2010. The “Kukhchitsy” farm got down to work straight away. The storage today is meant for 10 thousand tons of potatoes.

Potatoes, corn, beets… This harvesting year has practically come to an end. The last gasp is left. Therefore, it is necessary to set the mind on productive work.

Alexander Lukashenko:
People must be involved, students, if necessary. To mobilize people themselves. Not many people are needed with technologies like these. However, we must concentrate now. It is very important. We’ll harvest the potatoes. It will be a shame to lose such a harvest. And the harvest is good.

Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to the Minsk region once again proved that harvesting and sowing technologies are known at Belarusian farms. It is not surprising that 2018 will be the year of farming efficiency in Belarusian agriculture.