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Belarusian doctors ready for next step in cardio surgery

The future is in hybrid cardio surgery. Belarusian doctors are once again ready for another step in development.

As many as 264 heart transplantations have been done in Belarus already. In seven cases the vital organ was transplanted to children. Young patients can have such an operation done from the age of 10. It is due to the fact that a transplanted heart doesn’t grow as quickly as your own heart. Belarusian cardio surgeons intend raising the bar in the nearest future.

Alexander Mrochek, Director of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center Cardiology:
The future of cardio surgery is in hybrid surgery. Therefore, we are setting up two hybrid operation blocks in the new project. In my opinion. The developments of the medicine industry in Belarus, with our active participation, will give an opportunity to carry out such difficult operations as aorta prosthesis in these operation blocks.

Belarusian surgeons transplanted a complex “heart-lungs” less than one year ago. The patient feels fine. Such operations are singular in the world.


Belarusian doctors ready for next step in cardio surgery