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Alexander Lukashenko instructs to intensify autumn field work

Alexander Lukashenko set a task to intensify autumn field work on September 29 as he visited the Kletsk district.

Currently, the harvest of cereals and leguminous crops is coming to an end, while harvesting of vegetables, potatoes and corn continues. In addition, winter crops are being sown. The works is set to complete by October 4. There are certain difficulties with this in the Vitebsk region. Meanwhile, it is extremely important to observe the terms of work, Alexander Lukashenko said.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
On Tuesday you report to me together with Zayats that your seed company is completed. At any rate must Vitebsk region be sown this week. There's no reason to touch October. If you don't do it in time, don't do it at all. We will sow grass then.

The head of state visited one of the farms of the Kletsk region - "Kukhchitsy". He got acquainted with the organization of winter triticale sowing, harvesting of sugar beet, maize and sorghum for silage.

Sorghum is a herbaceous plant. Recently, this culture has been increasingly used in Belarus' agriculture, which is due to its greater resistance to drought compared to cereals and corn. Sorghum is less demanding for soil fertility and requires less fertilizing.

The head of state was also informed about the fulfillment of instructions to ensure the storage of potatoes and fruit and vegetable products.

Alexander Lukashenko instructs to intensify autumn field work