Excited Belarusian fans post tons of photos as Arsenal come to Borisov in Europa League


Excited Belarusian fans post tons of photos as Arsenal come to Borisov in Europa League

BATE lost to Arsenal 2:4 on September 28 in the second round of the UEFA Europa League. The match was held at the home arena of the Belarusian team in Borisov.

The head coach of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, noted before the match that the team hopes to show the fans a spectacular game.

At the moment, Arsenal lead the group, while BATE are in third place out of four.

The best Belarusian football player Alexander Hleb, who played for three years with Arsenal, noted before the match that Wenger always gives a chance to the young in such games, so BATE should try and fight.

The day before the game, the team and Arsene Wenger met with Hleb, chatted and exchanged gifts.

Arsenal gave Alexander Hleb and his nine-month-old daughter a T-shirt with number 13, which was Hleb's number in Arsenal. Those years were the highlight of Alex's career, experts say.

We collected photos from social networks from yesterday's game at Borisov Arena. Fans shared their expectations and impressions of the BATE v Arsenal match.

This evening was not on the scoreboard, but in our hearts, this fan says.

We love you Arsenal. There are lots of Arsenal fans in Belarus.


I will just leave this for Arsenal fans. BATE, thank you for the unforgettable evening and will for victories.

"I saw Arsenal with my own eyes!!" this fan wrote.

This fan was 10 years old when he started rooting for Arsenal. Now he's 22 and he finally saw them in Belarus.

The second dream of these 10 years came true: after Linkin Park I saw Arsenal! A couple of meters away from you. Especially beautiful is Giroud.

Borisov Arean is like a flying saucer, this girl notes.

"I don't even know what to write. That. Was. Incredible. Thanks!"