Belarus President appoints new ministers, aides and university rectors


Belarus President appoints new ministers, aides and university rectors

Two new ministers and heads of four Belarusian universities were appointed by the Belarus President on September 28.

Alexander Karlyukevich, who earlier was the deputy information minister, will now head the Information Ministry. Yuri Bondar became minister of culture. He earlier worked at the University of Culture and Arts for 16 years.

Alexander Lukashenko also appointed new rectors of the BSU, BNTU and two Mogilev universities. Also on September 28, presidential aides are appointed - inspectors in the Minsk and Vitebsk regions.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
These are two difficult ministries. I want to warn you: we do not exclude Mrs Lilia Ananich from work. We must find her another job, where she will bring more benefits.

But I must tell you that you do not have the right to make a mistake. Neither you nor he have the right for mistake. I'm telling you this publicly. Because we should not work worse at the Ministry of Information. And if there are any shortcomings, it's your fault. Because you were not an ordinary person there, you worked as a deputy minister.

As for the Ministry of Culture, there is an even more complicated situation. But it will always be difficult there, because creative people are not easy to work with sometimes. There are a lot of creative people there and different things happen like gossiping or related stuff. That is life.

Nevertheless, we must work in the Ministry of Culture in such a way that there is less such talk and so that people are focused on specific work.

Natalia Kochanova, head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus:
Mr Lukashenko, we carefully studied the situation in the Ministry of Culture, and in the Ministry of Information. You correctly said: there is no time for rest, we have to roll up our sleeves and work, and work very hard. Moreover, these people are deeply immersed in the problems that are present.

Alexander Karlyukevich is an experienced journalist. During his career he worked in such famous Belarusian publications as Zvyazda, Chyrvona Zmena, Sovetskaya Belorussia, and Litaratura i Mastatstva. He is a member of the Union of Journalists and Writers, laureate of the Prize "For Spiritual Revival". For more than one year, he was the director and chief editor of Zvyazda Publishing House.

Alexander Karlyukevich, Minister of Information of the Republic of Belarus:
(speaking in Belarusian) If we don't think about how to lay out constructive, analytical and very important thoughts on the Internet, we will simply lose the consumer of information.

Meanwhile, the new Minister of Culture, Yuri Bondar, has been working at the University of Culture and Arts since 2001. He passed all the steps: from the teacher, associate professor of the Department of Culturology, to the first pro-rector and, finally, rector of this university. He says he learned a lot from students. And now Mr Bondar intends to involve the youth in the cultural life of Belarus.

Yuri Bondar, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Belarus:
We must pay attention to the quality of the cultural product that is being created in the Republic of Belarus. We also need to increase the authority of the theater, national cinema, libraries, and clubs.

Igor Evseev and Alexander Subbotin are now inspectors in the Minsk and Vitebsk regions. Alexander Subbotin knows about the situation in the country's agriculture firsthand (he was deputy minister of the profile department before), while Igor Evseev worked in the department of internal affairs of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee. This appointment of a former law enforcer is an experiment to some extent.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Let's see how the fate of the general in this civil position will develop, although it is difficult to say that this position is fully civil: it is sometimes more important and even "more military" than that of other law enforcers.

(addressing Mr Subbotin) And you know perfectly what to do. You know agriculture, besides, you know not only from the point of view of ordinary peasants - you are a well-educated person.

Most importantly, Mr Kochanova. It is necessary to some extent, no matter how difficult, to draw a line between the HR inspector - the representative of the President - and the governor, who is the first person in every region. Everyone has their own functions, although they constantly intersect.

Both Vitebsk and Minsk regions have their own peculiarities. The Minsk region is the leader in terms of crop yields and it runs the largest enterprises of the country. The biggest investments are concentrated there, too. The Northern region, Vitebsk, has both advantages and problems. That's why every new inspector has his own approach.

Igor Evseev, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Belarus - Chief Inspector for the Minsk Region:
I know the situation well, not only criminogenic, but also financial and economic. Therefore, appointing me today, the head of state instructed me, first of all, to select quality staff when it comes to top management.

Alexander Subbotin, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Belarus - Chief Inspector for the Vitebsk Region:
The Vitebsk region is not only an agricultural region, but also industrial. I can simply say that this is my native region, where my soul belongs, and I would like to do my utmost for its improvement.

The Belarusian State University will have a new rector: experienced manager Andrei Korol. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, he has recently headed the Grodno State University named after Yanka Kupala. He himself comes from this university's engineering faculty. A talented scientist, he received the President's scholarship in 2012 for developing the concept of the dialogization of the Belarusian education system.

Andrei Korol, Rector of the Belarusian State University:
The task is to work on the quality of graduate training, to use modern innovative forms of teaching. Not to teach students using ages-old synopses but give them more opportunities to create something of their own, to create their own products.

Anastasia Ivannikova, CTV:
From year to year, the Belarusian State University has taken the leading places in the world rankings and is among the 2-3% of the best universities in the world (there are about 30,000 of them totally). In addition, the BSU that is the leading institution of Belarus.

Among the CIS universities, the Belarusian State University ranks fourth, according to a group of scientists from the National Research Council of Spain. The ranking is compiled every six months. Nevertheless, the BSU should be raised a step higher, the President said. According to its content, it must meet the expectations of the entrants.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I absolutely agree with both the government and the Administration that it is necessary to restore order in the BSU. I really hope, Andrei, that you will succeed there. I did not agree to appoint him to some other post, simply because we cannot waste a promising person appointing them as a mere official. He still must serve us on a more important position, serve both the people and the state, by preparing good staff.

This is the leading university. But it must be leading in content too. It is necessary to raise it to a step higher than it really is. Students are freethinkers, we ourselves were like that. I do not know about you, but that is about me for sure. Therefore, don't strangle their creativity and vigor. But they must be educated as the patriots of our country.

Belarus' National Technical University is another famous institution in world university ratings. By the way, now it is also with the new rector. This is Sergei Kharitonchik, who will replace Boris Khrustalev.

Sergei Kharitonchik, Rector of the Belarusian National Technical University:
It is necessary to create more conditions for young people, so that they are more interested in scientific work, in the preparation of candidate and doctoral dissertations.

The leadership of the two Mogilev universities was also updated. Kuleshov University will be headed by Vice-rector for Academic Affairs of Polotsk State University Denis Duk. The new rector of the Mogilev State Food University is now Maxim Kirkor (before that he headed the Department of Applied Mechanics and Engineering Graphics). Appointments are really important. It is the teachers who educate the youth, the elite of Belarus, the President noticed. Therefore, Alexander Lukashenko pays special attention to the work with rectors.

Alexander Lukashenko:
As soon as you step outside the threshold of this office, you are the people of the President. You implement his policy. Otherwise, do not agree for these positions. You know my policy: if I say something wrong and will not be right, you tell me right away. If a decision is made and you kept silent, please go and execute. This applies to everyone.

As for rectors, these are special people. These are people who are forging the future of our country. These are cool future experts, without whom no state can develop. I always envy rectors. I think that this is the most perfect position for a person.

Alexander Lukashenko promised that he would visit the Belarusian State University in 2018 to discuss both the problems and the successes of Belarusian education.