EBRD considers Belarus very promising country

EBRD considers Belarus very promising country

On September 28, an investment forum opened in Minsk. About 500 people from 30 countries are taking part in it.

These are businessmen, representatives of the financial, industrial sector, consulting companies and the IT sector. Interest in Belarus as a promising investment platform is high. The government assesses the chances of attracting Western European capital to Belarusian banks as quite high.

Mattia Romani, Managing Director for Economics, Policy and Governance:
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development considers Belarus a very promising country from the investment point of view. Especially in the areas of wood processing, energy, and green economy. Today everything that is connected with renewable resources and e-mobiles is perspective.

Now it's time for Belarus, golden time to attract investments into these areas, because it will bring good dividends in the future.

Many businessmen who came to the forum already successfully work in Belarus. There are also new projects. For example, the Minsk region is going to create in the near future an enterprise for the processing of solid municipal waste. The volume of German investments is 75 million euros. Here we are talking not just about financial investments, but also about technologies, which have not taken place in the territory of Eastern Europe. This is a pilot project and in the future foreign partners are going to implement it in other Belarusian areas.

Gerald Melikan, representative of a German company:
We offer environmental cleaning. We are ready to finance it. Over a year, we've been working on the environmental project, thanks to our Belarusian partners.

We have already seen several regions. We have an opportunity to choose a place for further work.

Morten Munch, representative of a Danish company
We have been working in Belarus for six years already. During this time, two projects were realized here. One of them is an enterprise in Orsha, it produces elements for central heating using unique technologies and it employs about 100 people. The interest of a Danish businessmen in Belarus is growing, so I think there will be more joint projects.

Belarus attracts investors thanks to convenient infrastructure, trained personnel and developed industries, as well as a dynamically developing IT sector.

In addition, Belarus is an optimal transport corridor between Europe and the CIS.