Belarus President appoints new information minister

Belarus President appoints new information minister

The Belarus President has appointed new leaders of the ministries of information and culture as well as heads of four Belarusian universities.

Alexander Karlyukevich became the new Minister of Information. Prior to that, he held the post of deputy head of the same ministry. He was appointed in December 2016. For more than one year, he was the director and chief editor of Zvyazda Publishing House.

Yuri Bondar will now be culture minister. He has recently worked as the rector of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
You are not a new person for the ministry itself. Not to mention the fact that you know well how the Ministry of Information works.

As for you, I believe that you should be very well aware of the situation that is developing in the Ministry of Culture. These are two difficult ministries. But I must tell you that you do not have the right to make a mistake. Neither you nor he have the right for mistake. I'm telling you this publicly. Because we should not work worse at the Ministry of Information. And if there are any shortcomings, it's your fault. Because you were not an ordinary person there, you worked as a deputy.

As for the Ministry of Culture, there is an even more complicated situation. But it will always be difficult there, because creative people are not easy to work with sometimes. And there are a lot of creative people there and different things happen like gossiping or related stuff. That is life.

Nevertheless, we must work in the Ministry of Culture in such a way that there is less such talk and people were focused on specific work. We need to make it so that everything is fair and everyone is engaged in their own business.

Igor Yevseyev and Alexander Subbotin are appointed respectively assistants to the President of Belarus, one in the Minsk region and the other in the Vitebsk region.