President Lukashenko addresses Council of Catholic Bishops of Europe

President Lukashenko addresses Council of Catholic Bishops of Europe

Religious denominations must play an important role in the settlement of world conflicts, said September 28 the Belarus head of state at a meeting with the participants of the Council of Catholic Bishops of Europe.

Almost 50 higher Catholic hierarchs of the Old World arrived for the first time on the Belarusian land. The topics of the current meeting are youth and its role in modern society and, of course, problems that are relevant for the whole of Europe. These include economic instability, total migration and British Brexit.

Addressing the guests, the head of state spoke in favor of increasing the role of the church in the country and the world, urged clergymen to communicate their position more actively. At the same time, many religions have peacefully coexisted for decades in Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The fact that you came to Minsk and decided to hold a council here is the right thing. We appreciate this, and this proves once again that we are not only a country that has been approved by you as a peace-loving and safe state, but also a country that can serve as an example of the calm and normal life of a person, where they easily get along, where different religions and different nationalities coexist. We do appreciate that. And your meeting here commits us to an even greater responsibility in terms of the unification of nationalities and religions .

You know we could not stand idle when the conflict broke out in the southeast of Ukraine. We have done and will continue to do everything we can to ensure that the Minsk process, the Minsk agreements, which have no alternative, contribute to the speedy restoration of peace on Ukrainian soil.

I am convinced that religious confessions can and must play a role in the settlement of conflicts, building a dialogue between different peoples and states.

I will tell you frankly: time has come for your voice to be urgent and to be heard by all politicians and statesmen on whom peace and security on our planet depends.

The forum participants touched upon a wide range of matters. The leitmotif of the meeting is how to establish peace where there is still restlessness. At the same time, it is important that all pressing problems can be openly discussed in Minsk. In turn, the hierarchs noted the important role of Belarus in building a peaceful European future.

The large-scale religious forum will last several days. It is planned that in the coming days the hierarchs will visit some parishes in Minsk, where they will head masses and meet with the faithful.