How do Belarusian agrarians dig, store and deliver potatoes to markets?

How do Belarusian agrarians dig, store and deliver potatoes to markets?

It’s time to dig, sort and fry: potato harvesting is in full swing.

The north of the country has already done half of the work. The harvest promises to be good, despite the problematic summer of 2017. Sunny days allow the agrarians o do work in the fields.

Mikhail Bulatov planted potatoes on 50 acres of land and dug 5 tons in a couple of hours- the combine harvester was provided by the collective farm, where a mechanization specialist works. For three weeks the man has been harvesting potatoes from the collective farm’s fields- 60 tons in one shift.

Mikhail Bulatov, mechanization specialist of “Olgovskoye” collective farm:
I love potatoes. I eat potatoes once every two days; I can eat potatoes every day as well. Potatoes are our second bread.

As many as three combine harvesters work in the fields, about a dozen of trucks work on offloading. They help to transport what the entrepreneurs have dug out of the earth. Another 15 people are on the assorting. No less than 200 tons of potatoes go through them every day.

Vadim Kursenkov, agronomist specialist of “Olgovskoye” collective farm:
Potatoes are divided into fractions. Large potatoes will be sold, medium potatoes will be used for seeds and smaller potatoes will be fed to the cattle.

The average harvest yield at Orlovskoye collective farm is 350 hundred kilograms per hectare. There are fields where the harvest yield is 400 hundred kilograms per hectare. About half of the fields have been cleared already, or more than two and a half thousand tons of potatoes.

Anastasia But, CTV:
Potatoes Are kept in special storage rooms where the temperature is 5-6 degrees above zero. It is meant for four and a half thousand tons. It will be enough to supply all kindergartens and schools of Vitebsk with potatoes for the whole year.

Potatoes are “sent to sleep” here. The technology doesn’t allow the potatoes to get spoiled, and they will do well there till spring.

Tatiana Medvetskaya, guest (Russia):
The potatoes are always tasty and clean, with a specific taste. No other potatoes will be able to compete with these potatoes. Especially now, in the mid-season.

Yelena Mandrikov, Vitebsk resident:
The potatoes are of high quality and the prices are reasonable. Especially Belarusian potatoes are.

By the way, the collective far sent a trial lot of Vitebsk potatoes to Russia in 2016 and earned a reasonable amount of money. Local agrarians hope that Belarusian vegetables will please Russian consumers.