State Control Committee assesses losses in leather industry

State Control Committee assesses losses in leather industry

The State Control Committee has informed about the inefficient usage of leather materials by state organizations.

Processing figures decreased after the modernization of the sector and the main focus is made on the export of skin and half products.

The material returns to the country later on in a finished condition. It leads to the fact that shoe-making plants and furniture manufacturers bear significant loses.

Vladimir Kukharev, Deputy Chairman of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
Mediation. It practically covers all the activities, from preparation of materials, work of leather plants with mediators, and manufacturers of ready products-shoe and furniture plants, which collaborate with mediators. According to the estimation of the State Control Committee, as many as 10 million dollars go to mediators annually.

In one of the cases a criminal proceedings have been initiated.

It is known that during some years mediators exported half ready products, and at the same time they were cooperating with state organizations.