Humaid Mohamed Ben Salem: We're impressed by technologies in Belarus

Humaid Mohamed Ben Salem: We're impressed by technologies in Belarus

United Arab Emirates are interested in Belarusian milk, meat and cereals.

In H1 2017 alone, Belarus exported agricultural products to the Emirates worth almost half a million U.S. dollars. This is 10 times more than in 2016. Now talks are underway on the supply of poultry meat, dried and concentrated milk, as well as butter. Details of contracts on September 27 were negotiated in Minsk.

H.E. Humaid Mohamed Ben Salem, Chairman of the Federation of UAE Chambers of Commerce & Industry:
We are surprised by the technologies that the Republic of Belarus possesses. The United Arab Emirates is not an agricultural country, so we come here, we rely on the harvest here in the Republic of Belarus in order to supply our state securely with agricultural products from the Republic of Belarus.

Alexei Bogdanov, head of the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus:
Our products are valued, and the delegation that has arrived today is interested in establishing contacts to ensure the security of their country by supplying Belarusian agricultural products. In order to supply products, it is necessary to have "Halal" certification, that is, it is necessary to pass certification according to Muslim standards. Many of our enterprises have such certification, therefore they do supply products.

In addition, we are working to open the Arab market for meat, beef and poultry.

In addition to negotiations at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the delegation from the United Arab Emirates met with representatives of the ministries of economy, industry, sports and tourism of Belarus.