TeART theater forum opens in Minsk on September 27

TeART theater forum opens in Minsk on September 27

The comedy "Marriage" will start the seventh International Forum of Theater Art "TEART", which will be opened in Minsk on September 27.

This is the second work of director Sergei Zemlyansky in a silent style.

The performance was already appreciated in Latvia. Belarusian theater-goers will not be bored at this festival. In 2017, actors will present on stage 19 productions of various genres and forms from eight countries.

Anzhelika Krashevskaya, Director of the International Theater Art Forum "TEART":
Now the theater absorbs a lot of different types of art. Many authors work in different genres of art - theater, choreography, and directing. It cannot be denied that Russian-language performances or choreography are in greater demand among the viewers than performances in foreign languages, unfortunately.

Alexander Marchenko, head of the Center for Belarusian Drama:
Belarusian dramaturgy is in very good shape today. Moreover, it has gone beyond the borders of Belarus and is precisely the product by which we are recognized in Europe, CIS countries and even in the more distant countries, for example, in Latin America.

The festival will last until the middle of October.

Traditionally, the international forum is popular among Minsk residents and guests of the capital. All tickets to the performances are already sold out.