Chinese tourists to be allowed 30-day visa-free entry to Belarus


Chinese tourists to be allowed 30-day visa-free entry to Belarus

The tourists from China are always welcomed in Belarus. Citizens from China will be allowed a 30-day visa-free entry to the country.

This idea is now being worked out by foreign policy departments.

An action plan that will help to increase tourist flows is also being drafted. What’s more, there is an idea to declare the year 2018 the Year of Tourism between Belarus and China. By the way, the first group of guests from Beijing flew to Minsk a couple of days ago. The trip was organized within the framework of the recently signed agreement between the travel agencies of the two countries.

Mr. Zhou came from Beijing. As any mature traveler, he has been to many European countries. The first meeting with Belarus took place on the Internet. The history of Belarus and its culture seemed to be interesting for the tourist. The fact of Belarus being an important economic point on the trajectory of the new Silk Road was the crucial point. Mr. Zhou immediately decided to visit Minsk.

Zhou Xiaodong, tourist (China):
I arrived two days ago, and I’ve already realized that I was not mistaken. I was so impressed by Minsk, this great city. I really felt that contribution to the overall victory over Nazism which Belarusians made. I would like to pay tribute to your heroic people.

The organized group consists of 15 Chinese tourists.

The program is really impressive, from Minsk to Brest for six days. The tourists are to visit the most outstanding sights of Belarusian history and culture, including the "Stalin Line", the towns of Mir and Nesvizh, Belovezhskaya Pushcha and the Brest Fortress. In fact, to overcome 6,500 kilometers, all they needed to do was to bring a passport to the travel agency.

Gao Zenzhu, tourist (China):
Today it's very easy for the Chinese to come to Belarus. Most of our travel agencies work on a turnkey basis: you bring documents, and they completely organize your visit.

And the price is rather low.

Oleg Mikhailov, director of a travel company:
In the future, we plan to present a program in China. Our goal is to take at least 10,000 tourists in the next year or two. We feel interest in the Republic of Belarus, but taking into account all the features that we have today, together with a Chinese corporation we worked out other routes in which Belarus is the first destination. After visiting Belarus Chinese tourists will be able to choose Poland, St. Petersburg or Moscow as their next destination. Right from there the tourists will return to China.

It is interesting that in 2004 only 10 Belarusians decided to travel to China,

and only 323 people came to Belarus from China. Of course, since then, the indicators of tourist interest have grown rapidly. Today you can talk about thousands of visitors from China a year. But this, of course, is not the limit.

Ekaterina Zhilyanina, CTV:
Tourism is called one of the most promising areas of Belarusian-Chinese cooperation. To realize the potential, the countries developed a number of measures.

It the short term we are waiting for the signing of a document that will allow the citizens of China to stay in Belarus without a visa for up to 30 days. And 2018 is planned to be declared the Year of Tourism between Belarus and China.

Mikhail Portnoi, Sports and Tourism Deputy Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
In November, during the "16 + 1" summit at the level of prime ministers, the Year of Tourism between the People's Republic of China and Belarus will be announced.

All the data will be included, from logistics to accommodation and information support.

Chinese tourists admit: their country knows well about Belarusian flax, hospitable people, the purity of cities, forests, lakes and fresh air. A lot of Chinese people want to see Belarus with their own eyes. So, there is no doubt that the tourist will be constantly growing.