President Lukashenko to Alan Duncan: We will create the most convenient and beneficial conditions for business

President Lukashenko to Alan Duncan: We will create the most convenient and beneficial conditions for business

Alexander Lukashenko is offering Great Britain to invest into Belarus more actively.

This was discussed at the meeting with the Minister of State for Europe and the American Affairs Alan Duncan. This was his first visit to the Republic of Belarus. Despite the rare political contacts, the economic cooperation of Belarus and Great Britain is dynamically developing. The trade circulation summed up to 1.5 billion dollars this year.

This is also the first visit of a British Minister to Belarus. Such a step of one of the most economically and politically influential countries is a clear signal to both the national and international elites.

Evgeny Gorin, CTV:
The 25th anniversary of the Belarusian-British diplomatic relations may be marked by a new impulse in building connections between the two states.

According to the results of 2016, Great Britain invested nearly 1.5 billion dollars into Belarus. It is clear that if it is happening, and the tendency will continue, Belarus is becoming an important economic partner for the United Kingdom in Eastern Europe.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Let’s determine 3-4 solid economic pilot projects (because economy is a base for any relations) and implement them. Let’s be simple: Great Britain has a lot of free money that must be invested into business. We will create the most convenient and beneficial business conditions and we will build 2-3 joint plants in Belarus, which will be working in two countries.

You made a very interesting decision - to exclude diesel and petrol cars before 2020-2025 and switch to electric vehicles. I support this decision. We decided to move in the same direction. Therefore, we are looking for the most advanced partners. Let's try working together in Belarus. This is just a plan for the future. There are many areas where we can work together with great benefit for our and your business.

Alan Duncan, Minister of State for European and American Affairs, MFA of Great Britain:
I am very pleased to be the first British minister to visit Belarus. Unfortunately, it took too much time, this year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Belarus and Great Britain. I send you the best wishes from the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Theresa May.

The wishes of Great Britain, the country which is leaving the EU, mean a lot. If the euro is dropping in price, the pound suddenly increased in price not so long ago.

Alan Duncan:
I was fond of hockey when at school. Unfortunately, we had to play on grass, not on ice. Sadly, I wouldn’t be able to play in your team.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We will teach you how to play, if you wish to.

Alan Duncan:
I am always ready to learn, despite the age.

During the Second World War Belarus and Great Britain played in one team, despite the different opinions on ideology and economy. At the Monument in Victory Square it becomes clear that the main values are constant.

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus the readiness of Belarus to provide maximum opportunities for the British business was discussed. There is potential not only in traditional sectors as in petrochemistry or heavy industry, but in the sector of green economy as well.

Vladimir Makei, Foreign Affairs Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus is open for Great Britain in all spheres and sectors. We are ready to provide maximum opportunities for the British business if it is ready to establish some kind of production lines in the free economic zones, the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park “Great Stone”.

The convention on double taxation elimination was signed by the two sides on September the 26 as well. This is a solid step to the strengthening of bilateral relations.