Naviband records Sting’s “Fields Of Gold” song in Belarusian language

Naviband records Sting’s “Fields Of Gold” song in Belarusian language

The music group Naviband- representatives of Belarus at Eurovision 2017 has made a cover of Sting’s song “Fields Of Gold” in the Belarusian language.

The video where Naviband is performing the song appeared on the official YouTube channel-the group’s channel- on September 25.

Photo: screenshot from video

The participants of the group stated that they greatly respect Sting and hope to meet with him someday and sing together. On his social network page, the soloist of Naviband Artyom Lukyanenko added that he believes in the theory of six handshakes.

Dear Sting! We are Naviband from Belarus. Thank you very much for your music, which inspires us from our childhood. We dreamed to sing with you or simply meet you for a long time. We hope that you will see this video and our dream will come true. We will be happy to see you in Minsk and we are looking forward to the concert on October 8. We hope that you will enjoy our Belarusian version of the legendary song :”Fields Of Gold”.

People commenting the video say that the group always any composition with emotions and they do it beautifully. “You are wonderful; your chemistry is felt through the screens”.

“The Belarusian version of the song performed by Naviband is wonderful”!

Sting is one of the most popular British singer in the world. He is 65 and more than half of his life he spent on the stage.