Key documents on business initiative liberalization submitted to President Lukashenko

Key documents on business initiative liberalization submitted to President Lukashenko

Maximum self-control with minimum involvement of the government: the Vice Premier of Belarus Vasily Matyushevky presented two key documents to the President on September 26, which are to liberalize the business initiative.

The decree on entrepreneurship development suggests carrying out economic activities in accordance with a registration principle. The most widespread categories are listed in the document. According to the data, 95% of small and medium businesses are concentrated in these sectors. In order to set up such a business, it is enough to refer to the Executive Committee, to the one window service and it will possible to carry out legal entrepreneurship on the next day.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
We have agreed that we must confirm the general fire security requirements, sanitary and epidemiological norms, environmental protection and so on. These requirements are too extensive, unnecessary in most cases.

They hassle business too much and disturb it form solving concrete issues.

Therefore, with these documents we are confirming the list of such requirements ( medicine, sanitary conditions and so on) and administrative, to say so, obstacles stop. And other requirements, including elimination of unnecessary administrative barriers, so that those who want to set up a business could do it not in one year and a half, as it is now, but practically straight away or during a month. So that there are no bureaucratic delays in the issue.

Administrative barriers will be maximally eliminated in Belarus, general requirements to fire security and sanitary norms will be approved.

The introduction of new taxes and rate increase are planned to be prohibited by 2020. Another document- the decree concerning licensing. The number of licensed kinds of activities will be cut down on. Activities which are coupled with threat or disruption of the society, the stat, the environment, life or health of a person will remain in the list.