Alan Duncan pleased to be first British minister who visited Belarus


Alan Duncan pleased to be first British minister who visited Belarus

Alexander Lukashenko suggested that Britain invest more actively in Belarus. On September 26 the Belarus President met with the Minister of State for Europe and the Americas Alan Duncan.

The representative of the UK government is visiting Belarus for the first time. In October 2016, the British prince Michael of Kent visited Belarus and also met with Alexander Lukashenko.

Today, the Belarus head of state stressed that he sees the potential in the joint production of Belarusian products, which are in demand in the UK market.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Let's define 3-4 solid pilot economic projects (because the economy is the basis of any relationship) and implement them. Let's put it simply: the UK has a mass of free money that must be invested in the business. We will create the most convenient and profitable business conditions and

we will build 2-3 joint ventures in Belarus, which will work in two countries.

You made a very interesting decision - to exclude cars with internal combustion engines until 2020-2025 and switch to electric vehicles. I applaud this decision. We decided to move in the same direction. In this regard we are looking for the most advanced partners. Let's try to work together in Belarus. This is just a plan. There are a lot of such areas where we can work together with great benefit for our and your business.

Alan Duncan, Minister of State for European and American Affairs, MFA of Great Britain:
I am very pleased to be the first British minister to visit Belarus. Unfortunately, it took too much time, this year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

I convey to you the best wishes from the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Teresa May.

The trade turnover between Belarus and Great Britain in H1 2017 was about $1.5 billion. Approximately the same amount of money was attracted from the UK into the economy of Belarus in 2016. There are 264 enterprises with British capital in Belarus.

After the meeting with the head of state Alan Duncan went to Victory Square in Minsk. The British minister laid a wreath and flowers to the obelisk in the city center. Alan Duncan's visit to Belarus is full of various events and meetings. At the moment the foreign guest is being received at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.