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BelAZ awards its best employees

The export of BelAZ-the largest manufacturer of dumping trucks in the world- has nearly doubled.

The year hasn’t finished yet, however, the plant has already reached the figures of the previous year. Before the Day of machine builders, the best workers of the BelAZ pant were awarded in Zhodino. The plant also had an open day, everyone who wished to could see how the plant works.

Piotr Parkhomchik, director general of BelAZ Holding Company:
The results of work influenced the salaries from October 1. The growth is 15%. We can be sure that the salary at the BelAZ plant will be up to 1500-1550 Belarusian rubles from October.

BelAZ is to celebrate its 70th anniversary next year.



BelAZ awards its best employees