Head of the EOC Coordination Commission: Belarus to become a perfect place for II European Games


Head of the EOC Coordination Commission: Belarus to become a perfect place for II European Games

Belarus has everything for holding the European Games at the highest level. This opinion was voiced at the meeting of the Coordination Commission of the European Olympic Committees with the Directorate for the Second European Games on 21 September.

Experts from 20 countries are addressing the issue of the organization of the upcoming competitions.

It includes the program of the Games, accommodation of athletes, media coverage of the competition and acquaintance with the arenas that will host the Second European Games.

Today’s guests of Minsk Arena are not ordinary tourists. They represent the whole Europe. The heads of the National Olympic Committees of countries from Spain and Germany to Turkey and Russia might have already seen the images of Minsk sports grounds. Nevertheless, they couldn’t help but take a photo of them.

Evgeniy Gorin, CTV:

The European Games in Minsk will start in 637 days. The first official visit of the representatives of the European Olympic Committees took place in Minsk on 21 September.

Being a host of such events is always a challenge. You have to provide athletes with all the necessary things and comfortable conditions from the moment they land in the airport till the moment they leave.

More than 4,000 athletes will come to Belarus. The heads of the European NOCs are going to bring the best of them.

There have never been continental competitions in Europe. That’s why the first and the second Games should be held on the highest level.

Spyros Capralos, chair of the Coordination Commission of European Olympic Committees:
Belarus will be a perfect place for holding the European Games. The well-developed sport infrastructure of your country held international competitions for many times. There are 20 months left to prepare but this time is enough to organize everything in the best way.

Janez Kocijančič, Acting President of the European Olympic Committees:
First of all, it must be said that we were deeply impressed by getting an invitation to hold the European Games directly from President Alexander Lukashenko. We know that Belarus has rich experience in holding international sport competitions. According to the degree of importance the European Games can be compared to Olympic Games. We are sure that Belarus will succeed in holding this event.

Interestingly, for some athletes the European Games will be a qualifying stage for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Taking into account that half of all the medals are won by European athletes, 2019 may become a bright gift for supporters in Minsk.

Azad Ragimov, Member of the Coordination Commission of the European Olympic Committees:
It’s great experience for European athletes. There are additional possibilities to live in an athletes’ village and to feel the atmosphere of Olympism.  I see a direct correlation between our athletes’ victory in Rio de Janeiro – 18 medals – and the fact that most of them felt this atmosphere.

Sergei Bubka, Member of the Coordination Commission of the European Olympic Committees:
I am very glad that the Games will be held in Minsk in 2019. You’re really worth it: Belarus is a gorgeous country with wonderful people and brilliant infrastructure. Of course, it should be used for European sport for holding Games. It gives a big incentive for the development of the nation, for the development sport in your country and for bringing up a healthy generation.

It is known that karate competitions will be included in the program of the Second European Games.

This kind of sport became a part of Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. 3x3 basketball is always included as a novelty. The will be 15 sports, 13 of which are Olympic.

Alexander Shamko, Minister of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus:
We are able to accomplish all the organizational demands at the highest level. Our republic has everything necessary for it. I think that the unanimous decision on choosing a country that will hold the Second European Games shows that our country gained a good experience. Today we don’t face the number of problems that faced the hosts of the First European Games.

The mascot of the Second European Games will be chosen on 15 November. The contest is now underway.