Housing and utility issues discussed at meeting with Belarus Premier

Housing and utility issues discussed at meeting with Belarus Premier

How to lower the tariffs on water, save on heating and utilize rubbish? The main issues of residential and municipal maintenance were discussed on September 22, 2017 at the meeting with Belarus’ Prime Minister.

There are enough of question in the housing sector. For instance, the way of saving on heating at a mini Thermal Power Plant was discussed. The facility was modernized not so long ago. As a result, the plant is now using local types of fuel- mainly chippings and wood. It helped to cut down the costs on electricity.

The hottest discussion concerned the issues of water supply. The loses of water in Minsk sum up to 23% at the moment. The leaks in residential houses lie in the basis of these figures.

Oleg Avrutin, Minskvodokanal:
Today we have the most modern complex which allows to detect leaks under closed communications and underground. Today we inspect 500 kilometers annually. This year we should do 550 kilometers. From 10 to 15% are the loses in residential houses. These are standing pipes and main pipes. Residents do not report on them in time. The main task is to correctly and to the end build water assessment, including from the remote-reading equipment.

Clever counters will help to fulfill the task. Remote-reading counters can soon appear in our houses. They will automatically report on the counter level.

Another serious problem was discussed at the meeting. The new rubbish processing plant will utilize 100 thousand tons of litter annually. Such a plant is necessary for Minsk just as air is. The plant is now working in a trial mode. It is planned to be launched before November 2017.