What threat does the USA-North Korea conflict pose for the world?


What threat does the USA-North Korea conflict pose for the world?

As they say, you can postpone a war, but never a lunch. Bakers even baked special bread in honor of the military drills “West 2017”. The west felt worried about the Belarusian-Russian military drills, and they were saying that it was posing a threat.

However, as soon as the troops started withdrawing from Belarus, NATO began its large scale maneuvers “Dragon 2017” to the other side of Poland’s border; all types of armed forces, the marine fleet, aviation, military men from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, the Baltic states, Slovakia, Italy. Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia and Ukraine brandish arms near the Belarusian border.

Dragon 2017 military drills have captured Poland. It is not necessary for the neighbors to know how much military equipment was brought there. It is not a threat to security in the region-in the Alliance’s view, those arms can only defend.

According to the Defense Minister of Poland, even nuclear strikes were drilled at West 2017 military drills. Whether it is a coincidence or not, Antoni Macierewicz was in the Pentagon a few days after.

Antoni Macierewicz, Defense Minister of Poland:
On behalf of the Polish nation, I thank American soldiers for valiant military service on the territory of Poland. They are our defenders, guardians of NATO and Poland’s borders. I have come to the Pentagon to once again emphasize that Poland’s confluence with the Alliance is the basis of security in the region: USA troops in Poland- tranquility.

By the way, when will the Alliance troops leave Gdansk and other places is a difficult question to answer. There is no information on the issue.

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General:
We are not satisfied with the numbers and figures of West 2017. We will continue working on the modernization of international agreements- as Vienna Documents: they will help to regulate the number of troops in the region.

Benevolent intentions may lead to war. The richest Ukrainian city Donetsk saw it for itself two years ago. The metropolis is in ruins- 1o thousand civilian died. This is how one of the largest airports in the CIS looks like. And it is quite close to Belarus, it is not the Middle East, it is not the other hemisphere, therefore Belarus has once again urged the sides to stop the war from the tribune of the UN General Assembly. Because peace is an invisible resource while it is there.

Vladimir Makei, Foreign Affairs Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus suggests for the key global players –first of all, China, Russia, the USA, EU states-to begin a dialogue on strategic projection of constructive relations. The Republic of Belarus is prepared to provide a platform for the process.

The conflict in Ukraine’s Donbass region may flare up once again. The reason for it is the UN peacemakers. If to look at the situation in Yugoslavia in the 1990’s, “blue helmets” risk to be run into military actions. Many think that it happens because of post-truth, when emotions and personal ambitions take over in the disputes of the world’s powers.

Donald Trump, USA President:
Not a single nation in the world is interested in this group of criminals arming with nuclear weapons and rockets. The USA has strength and finances to destroy North Korea.

“The crazy old man will be pacified with fire”. The abrupt reply of Kim Jong-un and the phrase of the leader “the USA has declared war to us” caused military hysteria in the entire region. Both President Trump and the leader of North Korea hold their hand on the red button.

Ri Yong-ho, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea:
North Korean chairman on the state issues has decided due to the latest events in the world, we must test the most powerful thermonuclear bomb in the Pacific Ocean.

Such exercises for pupils of Wajima in Japan are a daily reality. Japan is the only country which felt the power of nuclear weapons as far back as in 1945, nobody wants it to repeat. After the words of Kim Jong-un about the thermonuclear bomb, three times more people started visiting temples, in order to protect themselves with faith from the nuclear holocaust.

Chow Yo-Young, Buddhist:
Every day I come to the temple with one thought: to pray for the war not to happen. I watch the news with fear; I believe that both Koreas can leave in peace. Now I am praying for the rockets not to fly-it is the only way to believe that everything can end well.

The problem is that it is not working out to solve the Korean conflict peacefully: according to the ideology of North Korea, only one sister must live on the peninsula- in people’s democratic costumes. According to the Japanese ideology, if you do not know what to expect from the enemy- invade unexpectedly. It may seem that the peninsula is far away, but global security today is a bundle: if you pull one thread, the whole bundle will untie. Therefore, it can affect everyone.