"Mrs. Merkel has done a lot for people": what political discussions flare up in the streets of Germany on the eve of the elections?


"Mrs. Merkel has done a lot for people": what political discussions flare up in the streets of Germany on the eve of the elections?

Crises in Ukraine, Syria and around North Korea do not cause fear in the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She said this during a recent interview, noting that "Fear is a bad adviser". By the way, the Chancellor also did not like the threats of the US President to Pyongyang. Merkel clearly demonstrates her independence and political will on the eve of the elections in Germany. Let me remind you, they will be held on September 24 and few doubt the outcome - "mutti bleiben" - say Germans, which means "Mom remains" - for the fourth term.

Minsk remembers the relatively recent visit of Merkel for the elaboration of the Minsk Agreements. Personal impressions are always important.

Not only a bouquet of flowers, gifted to the German mother by our President, plays a role. Merkel saw a neat and safe Belarus at least at bit of it. Ordnung, or order in German, always impressed Germans. The trade turnover between the two countries is one of the largest for Belarus. Three previous terms of Merkel laid a good foundation for economic cooperation and political thaw. Our reporter Yana Shipko will continue the topic from Berlin.

Berlin is more like a patchwork quilt than ever before. This relates to everything - from architecture to people.

I'm for the "Greens." They are pursuing an anti-fascist policy, and I do not want the victory of either the SDP or the Christian democrats.

I will vote for the "Reds." After the "green" unanimously supported "saving the euro", and the tax burden for the debts of Greece fell on the shoulders of the Germans, they disappointed me.

There are applicants for seats in the Bundestag. Mini-parties sometimes have in their ranks both hip-hoppers and atheists. But only 7 parties have real chances to overcome the 5% threshold. Among the favorites are traditional leaders of the political Bundesliga - Christian Democrats and Social Democratic Party of Germany. There is also an alarming bell in German society: for the first time right-wing populists can enter the Bundestag. Some even predict third place for them.

Many migrants, they must integrate. Not sit and receive benefits, but learn the language and look for work.

The debutant of the previous parliamentary elections, "Alternative for Germany", has turned into a real competitor to the "Green", the leftists and liberals against the backdrop of the migrant crisis over the past couple of years. The right demands to close the borders and stop the reception of refugees. They accompany their campaign with bold posters: a bikini against a Muslim burqa.

However, even if they enter the parliament, the Alternative risks becoming a political outcast. They are unlikely to enter into a coalition with anyone, since the party is strongly associated with ultra-nationalism, which is not good for the country suffering a sense of guilt for World War II.

Cem Özdemir, co-chairman of the Green Party:
All democrats must go and vote, every vote matters, especially in this election, because for the first time there is a danger that people who do not support our constitution, who judge people by their origin, may find themselves in the German parliament!

Even Martin Schultz will not be able to send Merkel to retirement. He can be safely called a person of the year in Germany. The new face of the Social Democrats for the first time competed with Merkel. The former chairman of the European Parliament managed to raise the ratings of the party. But after TV duel, the situation turned over. Chances of victory fell. But the Euro-optimist Schulz does not give up.

Martin Schulz, chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany:
We are fighting for a strong and solid Europe. For this reason, I want to become a Bundeskanzler.

What is the phenomenon of Frau Merkel?

Jürgen Klimke, member of the Bundestag, member of the Christian Democratic Union:
Good question… She causes trust. She is restrained, but persevering. She says "ja " or "nain", not "jain", she makes specific decisions. In addition, she builds a trusting relationship with other countries, be it the United States or France. Her opinion is valued. She is humane. A woman leading the country for such a long time is a rarity, but she succeeds.

Austrian Thomas owns a restaurant in one of the Turkish districts of Berlin. Although he has lived here for 10 years, he does not have the right to vote in the current elections. Meanwhile, in the political cuisine, he sympathizes with Merkel.

Thomas, restaurateur:
Here, of course, it is not easy to open a business because of bureaucracy. Even small businesses fill a lot of papers and are controlled by different organizations, gas in the kitchen is expensive, and it's expensive to keep employees. I pay a lot of taxes and live here a long time, but I cannot vote.

But my opinion is that Merkel is now the only worthy candidate. And in general, the difference between her party and the Social Democrats is already eroding. As for small parties, there is no one to choose from. Merkel, on the other hand, has a fantastic quality of politics - a wait-and-see tactic, like a snake, to strike at the right time.

German businessmen do not hide: they are interested in developing cooperation with Belarus, despite the results of the elections.

Frank Kossick, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Belarus in Germany:
There is a saying that Belarus is Switzerland of the East. Who often travels to Belarus understands that the Belarusian people are very calm, hard-working, punctual, with good education - in principle, everything that a German businessman needs.

Martin Hoffmann, Director for Eastern Europe Eastern Committee of the German Economy:
Now we have much for the development of cooperation. We see a growing interest of entrepreneurs. And now we are aiming at developing new contacts and working together in the fields of IT, the infrastructure of supply chain management.

Felix Zimmermann, co-chairman of the Belarusian-German Business Council:
Number 1 - Singapore, number 2 - Belarus. You have incredible order. In Belarus it is cleaner than in Germany. And it's not just about cleanliness, there are flowers everywhere, flowerbeds. It's worth a lot of work.

10 years ago the company came to the Belarusian market. The municipal enterprise with German capital serves almost half of Belarus capital Minsk. In addition to work, the businessman owns a PR agency here, and now he co-chairs the Belarusian-German Business Council and is preparing to "clear" the way for German investors.

Felix Zimmermann:
You need to present yourself more. In fact, not everyone knows how you can work successfully in Belarus. We see the prospects, thanks to the favorable geographical location and the Great Stone project with China. German businessmen value that you have an industrial country with good educated specialists. I see even more potential in transport and logistics.