Belarusians to choose mascot of European Games 2019


Belarusians to choose mascot of European Games 2019

What will the symbol of the European Games 2019 look like? The question still remains open.

The matter is really important, because the mascot is something fans all over the world will associate the international competitions with.

Is it going to be a bison, or a stork, or maybe something else? Any idea of yours can become the winner. However, the contest will be finished quite soon. The results will be announced in November 2017.

The official mascots of the European Games in Baku were gazelle Geran and pomegranate Nar. Quite unusual names are nothing else but the words themselves in Azerbaijani, the language of the host country.

Nobody knows what the  mascot of the Games in Belarus will look like, but any Belarusian can offer their ideas of the mascot and its name.

Anastasia Tolkacheva, student of Gymnasium No38, Minsk:
From the very beginning, I thought it must be some kind of animal. But when I read the slogan carefully again, I decided to draw fire, as the mascot of something bright. At first it was just fire with hands and legs, and then I add the national costume.

Nastya is 14. The girl has been drawing since six, not only in a classical way, but also on a graphic tablet. "The time of bright victories", the slogan of the European Games 2019, was the starting point for the young author. Anastasia created even two variants of the mascot. One of them is a squirrel named Iskorka (Sparkle) and the other one is Agenchik (Glimmer) in the national costume.

The idea to draw fire as the mascot of the European Games 2019 also came to Andrei from Mogilev. An engineer-mechanic by profession and an artist in his soul, the man works on the railroad. I learned about the contest from the news, this is how the idea was born ...

Andrey Simuk, master of loading and unloading works at the Belarusian railroad, Mogilev:
The ball, its mood and a pieces of fire behind its back symbolize the motto of the European Games 2019. I chose the colors of the national flag for the cap.

And this little domovyonok (little magic housekeeper), a character of Belarusian and Russian fairytales, was created right in the office. The mascot belongs to two authors at once. Anna and Christina work as instructors-methodologists. While creating their project, the colleagues wanted it to be not only creative, but also practically useful. Anna and Christina believe that such a friendly mascot will be really popular among the guests of the European Games 2019.

Kristina Ermashevich, trainer at Republican Center of Olympic Training:
Domovyonok is the owner of the house, he is so similar to Belarusian people. He is also very kindhearted and friendly.

Anna Minina, coach at Republican Center of Olympic Training:
We painted the hair of Domovyonok in the colors of the Olympic rings. The colors are also connected with the history of Kupalle, one of the most favorite holidays in Belarus. Green symbolizes forests; red symbolizes the fire which young people jump through during the celebration. Black is the symbol of the dark night, blue is the color of Belarusian rivers, and yellow is the sun.

The open competition for the development of the European Games emblem was announced in the middle of the summer 2017. There are dozens of applications in the Ministry of Information of Belarus.

Among the participants are mainly adults of absolutely different professions.

The results of the competition will be summed up on December 15. The winners of the first three prizes will get not only the invitations to the events of the European Games 2019, but also sports equipment sets of the national team of Belarus.