Belarus to sell 460 tractors to Azerbaijan before 2018

Belarus to sell 460 tractors to Azerbaijan before 2018

Belarusian tractors will be sent to Azerbaijan. As many as 460 tractors will be exported there before the end of 2017. By the way, more than one thousand tractors have been exported to Azerbaijan in the nine month of the current year.

A joint tractor assembling plant is working in Gyandzha. Tractors are used not only on the internal market, but are also sold to third countries. First supplies to Turkey are planned in the nearest time.

Fyodor Domotenko, Director General of Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ):
We have signed not only a contract but an additional protocol on Belarus’ cooperation with Turkey. Our partners will be financing in the amount of five million dollars, New machinery will be exported from Azerbaijan.

Khanlar Fatiev, Chairman of the National Board of Production Union “Gyandzha Automobile Plant” (Azerbaijan):
Today we have practically started a new project-a project with Turkey. We have found a partner in the Republic of Turkey for opening an assembling plant. It will be a joint project of two countries, which, we hope, in three years’ time will produce up to 2.5-3 units annually.

Belarus is celebrating the Day of machine builders this weekend. MTZ prepared for the celebration in its own way: a new record was set. A sportsman moved from place and pulled a 19 ton tractor over a distance of 5 meters and 80 centimeters.