Alexander Lukashenko demands to avoid unnecessary business checks

Alexander Lukashenko demands to avoid unnecessary business checks

How to make the work of business more convenient? The emancipation of the business initiative was discussed on September 22, 2017 in the Palace of Independence. This time Alexander Lukashenko met with Leonid Anfimov, the chairman of the State Control Committee.

The decree, prepared within the package of documents on business development, was discussed at the meeting.

The document on President Lukashenko’s table is the law draft of the State Control Committee. Its main idea is to minimize the intervention of inspectors into the work of business.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
We certainly must get rid of the unnecessary things, which interfere into the work of people, plants and so on, however, control should stay-the necessary control for the state, which would really emancipate people and wouldn’t interfere into their work.

We discussed the issue then within this decree and we agreed that we will move from punitive approach of inspections to preventive work. We will be concentrating on the prevention of offence, we will drop out planned inspections (though they will still remain: a plan is a plan), but we will move the accent from planned inspections to the so-called random checks.

I always demanded for this: inspect anyone you like, however, you should have a reason for it; you should have concrete reasons why you came to a plant, to the businessmen, an individual and legal entity. If there are such reasons-please, go.

Nevertheless, if you come and you haven’t found these reasons at a plant and they haven’t confirmed, then you must be responsible for it.

Random Inspections instead of planned ones. Now inspectors will not be allowed to come to a plant without a valid reason. Inspectors are allowed to study only those facts and circumstances, which are the reason of their appearance at a plant or company.

Alexander Lukashenko:
At the moment inspectors have the right to stop the activities of this or that plant. We agreed that it is not up to the inspectors to decide. You must introduce specific claims to directors of plants and businessmen. Then it is him who should decide: to continue working or it is better to stop the work at the plant. It is a director. If he decided to stop- he stopped the work, corrected the deficiencies. If he doesn’t want to stop the work at his plant-let him do that. However, he will be responsible for the results.

We have also agreed that inspectors must carry some administrative responsibility-for their mistakes and actions, And so on and so forth.

It is planned that the inspecting bodies will optimize by a third. Only 28 out of 39 agencies will reserve the power to inspect. However, an Inter-Ministerial Committee will be established in the State Control Committee.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I am emphasizing once again: you are an inspector, a state person. You must get rid of all the unnecessary. Life showed that there are things which interfere. Even if we look into the future, there are still things which life hasn’t showed us. Under no circumstances you should liberalize (in inverted commas) to the state, that we will lose the governability of the state. Please. Balance, balance and once again balance.

Leonid Anfimov, chairman of the State Control Committee:
Dear Mr. President. Before I report on the main issue, I would like to touch upon another subject, If you do not mind. When I visited the Slobodskovskaya Secondary School in the Braslav district on September 1, one girl came up to me and asked me, “Are you President Lukashenko?”, I said, “No, my dear, I’m not President Lukashenko”. Then she said some unexpected word, “Can you say hello from us, first-year pupils, to him”? She asked for it with all her heart… I cannot but not comply with the request.

So I send you hello from all the pupils of this school.

New approaches to the work of the State Control Committee. The document needs to be amended a little before October 1.

Leonid Anfimov, chairman of the State Control Committee:
This decree will primarily concern the State Control Committee. Because we will serve as an example. If the State Control Committee will be violating the new rules and order of inspecting activities itself, then it is clear that we will never bring things back to order. Therefore, of course, we will start from the State Control Committee, and naturally, we will be more rigorous in the choice of business facilities, which are to be inspected, and to the bases, which must lie into the foundation of discharge requirements on carrying out a random inspection.

The changes will come into force from January 1, 2018.

Before that, inspections will be conducted according to the old law. What is more, the number of inspections has already halved.