No unnecessary checks of businesses, Belarus President demands

No unnecessary checks of businesses, Belarus President demands

It is necessary to abandon unreasonable checks of businessmen. President Alexander Lukashenko set such a task on September 22 hearing out a report of the chairman of the State Control Committee, Leonid Anfimov.

The officials discussed the decree which was prepared as part of a package of documents on the development of entrepreneurship and the liberalization of business activity in Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We really need to remove everything that is superfluous, which hinders the work of people and enterprises and so on, but control must remain - the necessary control for the state, which would really liberate people and not interfere with their work.

We discussed then under this decree and agreed that we will move from the punitive bias of our control activities to preventive work. We will focus on prevention of offenses, we will leave planned inspections (although they will remain with you: a plan is a plan for inspections), but we will shift the emphasis from planned inspections to so-called spot checks where necessary.

I always demanded this: you check whoever you want, but you must have grounds, you must have specific reasons for coming to an enterprise, to a businessman, a physical or legal person. And if there are such grounds, please go and check them.

But if you came and these reasons did not find their place at the enterprise and they were not confirmed, you should answer for it. For now you have remained unaccountable. Pay attention to this. In my opinion, this normative legal act has no accents on this. Pay attention to this: no loopholes.

The number of grounds for appointing unscheduled inspections will be reduced. In addition, responsibility of control staff for gross violations during inspections is introduced in Belarus.