Japanese autumn in Minsk: What to see?


Japanese autumn in Minsk: What to see?

The Japanese autumn has come to Minsk. This is the traditional festival of culture of the country of the Rising Sun.

Master classes on aikido were already held within the festival.

Anyone could attend such a training session, with the first visit to the master already giving you some basics of aikido. In addition to receptions, participants were told about the history of this martial art.

Alexander Lepeshkevich, aikido instructor:
Aikido believes that every person already has everything that is needed inside. The problem is that we cannot organize it correctly. In order to properly organize it all, we need what is called "to connect your mind and your body."

The festival will host many events. The main ones are scheduled for October. 

There will be demonstration matches in Japanese chess, and a display of Kurosawa's masterpieces, as well as exhibitions by contemporary directors, and of course the famous festival "Higan".

In general, Yokoso, which means "welcome" in Japanese!