Russian troops say achieved goals, will leave Belarus after West 2017 drills


Russian troops say achieved goals, will leave Belarus after West 2017 drills

The territorial integrity of the Belarus-Russia Union State has been restored. As a result of the simulation of a combat episode, the troops of Belarus and Russia jointly fulfilled the task.

The active phase of the "West-2017" exercise is completed.

The personnel, military and special equipment of the Armed Forces of Belarus are already sent to the permanent deployment points, and military units and units from the Russian Federation will leave Belarus until the end of September.

On September 21, the participants of the "West" drills, as expected, began to load weapons, military and special equipment. As it was stated before, all Russian units will return to places of permanent deployment by September 30. An order is an order.

Yuri Komarov, deputy chief of staff of a tank battalion of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation:
The benefits of the exercise are enormous. We carried out a joint combat mission and now with a clear conscience we return home.

The "West-2017" drills caused excitement in some countries that are Belarus and Russia's neighbors. Some said Russian troops would remain in Belarus after the drills.

Meanwhile, the largest military exercises began in Poland. Taking part in the maneuvers will be all types of armed forces. Such maneuvers are held near Belarus' borders with enviable constancy. Belarus reacts to them in a calm way, as well as to the fact that

now more than 17 thousand servicemen, plus 3500 military equipment, are deployed at training grounds.

Most of them are NATO allies: units from the United States, Britain, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Germany, Italy, Georgia and Bulgaria. But no one indicated the exact number or composition. The date of departure of those troops was not indicated either.

It is not known at which sites the drills will be held.

Only goals were named: the protection of natural resources from aggression on the part of a neighboring state and attempts to destabilize the political situation. It was, however, announced long before the maneuvers that about 3,000 Russian troops would participate in the "West-2017" exercises. Belarus and Russia also pointed out the date of Russian troops' departure after the drills.