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Tax advisers to appear in Belarus by 2019

In 2 years, tax consultants will appear in Belarus. They will help business and tax authorities to find a common language faster.

Often it is difficult for entrepreneurs to understand documentation themselves. Some errors were connected with this. Now many duties will be imposed on tax advisers. These specialists can explain how to properly conduct business in terms of taxation, as well as deal with accounting and represent the interests of their clients in public bodies. At the same time, entrepreneurs have the right to decide whether to use the services of tax advisers or not. This is not a requirement.

Mikhail Grachev, financial consultant:
First of all, the task will be to increase the tax literacy of business entities, from individuals to legal entities. Gradually, there can be a transition to a form that exists in the West, that is, to the minimization of taxes. We also have the opportunity to regulate this matter in some way. Which will be the ultimate goal of this document

The decree does not apply to accountants, lawyers, and auditors. To become a tax consultant, a specialist will take exams at the Ministry of Taxes and Duties. Tax consulting is not a Belarusian know-how. Such activities have long been practiced in Western Europe and America. When creating such an institute, Belarus takes into account the experience of foreign countries.

Tax advisers to appear in Belarus by 2019