Advantages of white laser invented by Belarusian scientists

Advantages of white laser invented by Belarusian scientists

Belarusian specialists are going to patent a unique scientific invention.

Foreign colleagues are already interested in it.

Besides Belarus, successful experiments in this area are held only in the USA. What are the advantages of white laser and how it will influence our life?

It took Belarusian researchers a few months to develop it but the results will be on the table for much longer time. This laser can change our view about color rendering. For example, it can help to create displays

that will reflect 70% more colors than any modern technology.

Olga Korshun, CTV:
This development can bring a vast improvement to the quality of light in future. For example, ordinary light bulbs will produce solar light and our real projectors will appear in our smartphones. It’s exactly the case when knowledge is light.

This laser can lighten not only a scientific path but also a real roadway.

Laser glimmers differ from light-emitting diode ones because they increase visibility by 30-40% and they will be able to highlight such important objects for a driver like road signs or pedestrians. It’s a game-changing invention.

Evgeniy Lutsenko, deputy head of the laboratory of Physics and semiconductor equipment of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus:
Of course, phosphor laser has limited efficiency. If this is induced radiation (laser oscillation in this case), then the efficiency increases. It means that the efficiency of these lights should increase.

The advantage of white laser is that it has diffuse radiation.

Americans have a similar development. But Belarusian laser works in another active medium. It radiates on four pitches of waves (red, blue, green and yellow) simultaneously. The key point is to mix them right in order to get white color. This is the novelty of the development.

Maxim Leonenya, scientific employee, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus:
Our colleagues from Saudi Arabia are interested in this development because we have collaboration. They are also going to promote this invention in Europe.

The scientists highlighted that it’s too early to talk about commercialization of white lasers.

However, the invention gives an exact vector of development of our future.